How To Activate A Mod In Minecraft

How To Activate A Mod In Minecraft
How To Activate A Mod In Minecraft

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Many longtime fans of Minecraft, who have already experienced many variations of this game, probably know how much more interesting the game becomes after installing at least one modification. Virtually every mod carries original crafting recipes, new items and many other pleasant surprises. However, in order to get a chance to experience all its possibilities, it is important to activate it correctly.

Each mod brings interesting items to the game
Each mod brings interesting items to the game

What helps mod work

Sometimes players are faced with the fact that, having downloaded and installed an interesting mod, they cannot test it in action. In some cases, after such actions, even the gameplay does not start (for example, when you try to open the launcher, only a black screen appears), and if it does start, then without the installed modification.

How can I prevent game add-ons from working incorrectly? It is worth saying that the vast majority of mods were created not by the "fathers" of Minecraft (Mojang), but by technically gifted fans of the game. In an effort to give the gameplay charm and embody their ideas about its ideal version, they become the authors of modifications of their favorite "sandbox".

However, fashions created by different people and differing in technical terms can easily interfere with each other's functioning. To prevent this from happening, even before installing them, you need to install special software applications - ModLoader, Minecraft Forge and AudioMod. The first is a bootloader and serves to launch some minor modifications of the game, and the second is indispensable in new versions of Minecraft at all: it is needed to synchronize all the mods that the gamer decides to install. AudioMod is necessary for the correct operation of the sound files of the game.

It is not so important in what order such software products will be installed. The main thing is for them to be in the minecraft.jar game directory (it is usually located in the bin folder of the.minecraft folder). To do this, the archive with the installer for ModLoader, Minecraft Forge or AudioMod must be unpacked and all files from there must be moved to the above folder.

When this is done, you will definitely need to remove the folder named META-INF from the.jar. The files in it serve solely to preserve the integrity of the "vanilla" version of Minecraft, and therefore in the case of the installation of mods will only be a hindrance. By the way, usually it is META-INF that is the culprit that the desired modification is not activated.

Step-by-step activation of modifications

After the above preparatory steps have been completed, it is necessary to deal directly with the mod that the gamer wants to install into the game. To do this, the archive with such a modification must be downloaded from a trusted resource. The latter is extremely important if the player does not want to run into a broken or even viral mod. You should make sure that it is fully functional.

After downloading the archive, you need to study the description for this modification - there will probably be a way to activate it. In some cases, it will be enough to move the installation files of the mod to the mods folder in the game directory. There ModLoader will pick them up and make them function normally.

In the case of other types of modifications in older versions of the game (released earlier than 1.6), they may need to be fully installed. This is done in approximately the same way that is relevant for the same Minecraft Forge or ModLoader - by placing files from the archive with the mod into minecraft.jar. Only META-INF will no longer need to be deleted - it will no longer be present in the game directory.

Since Minecraft 1.6, mods will not activate without Forge. In order for them to work fully, you need to open the folder with their installation files with an archiver (for example, WinRAR) and transfer from there all the contents not to minecraft.jar, but to the one whose name contains the word Forge and the version of the game installed on the computer is indicated (for example, 1.7.four). In addition, when starting the gameplay in the launcher, you will need to select a profile related to the above Minecraft add-on.

If everything was done correctly, the mod is activated automatically, the game will open with the options it offers. However, for this, the gamer will need to create a new world (and start playing in it in a new way).

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