Monstera Deliciosa: A Flower With Magical Properties

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Monstera Deliciosa: A Flower With Magical Properties
Monstera Deliciosa: A Flower With Magical Properties

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Monstera deliciosa flower is one of the popular plants for both home and office space. It is unpretentious, develops rapidly and has a curious shape of "leaky" leaves.

Monstera also inspires artists
Monstera also inspires artists

Flower magic

Monstera deliciosa is considered the flower of people born under the sign of Virgo. It is curious that since ancient times people endowed this plant, if not with magical properties, then with a certain power. They say he can be a talisman.

It is believed that delicosis can bring harmony and joy to the house, because it feeds on the energy of chaos. He is able to eliminate internal contradictions, organize work and get rid of clutter.

Also, this mysterious flower with airy leaves with regular intersections across each one is credited with influencing the emotional state of a person. Astrologers say that it is in the leaves of monstera delicosis that the planet Mercury lives, which is responsible for human mental activity. Perhaps that is why the flower is suitable for Virgos, who are also prone to self-organization and the establishment of the interaction process.

A flower can help establish a conversation, find the right words.

In addition to the mental and emotional activity of a person, monstera also has an impact on health. In general, it has a beneficial effect on the intestines, the elasticity of the walls of which is increased due to active phytoncides. The flower prevents the entry of elements harmful to the body, which helps protect against poisoning. Often this property of the plant is used by employees of laboratories and industrial workshops. It is also used as an indicator of the environment: large fan leaves begin to curl and dry at the tips when harmful substances are exceeded in the atmosphere.

The story of the "amazing flower"

This amazing flower first appeared in Guatemala, it was there that it took root well due to the humid tropical climate. Today there are about 30 varieties of monstera, and its very name in translation means "amazing flower" or "wonderful".

On cloudy days, pay attention to the monstera leaves: drops of water begin to fall from them. Water is released from the end of the leaf veins, there are special holes-hydathodes through which water is squeezed out, which comes from the roots of the plant along the stalks. They even try to predict the weather forecast using such colors.

The appearance of the delicious monstera is very funny: many leaves, like a hat hanging in the air. Each leaf has many sections, often artists and designers use the sheets as material.

Spray the monstera with water as often as possible in dry weather, it just needs moisture.

It is worth remembering that such a flower should have a loose soil that retains moisture well, since the flower loves it very much. But it is also important that the soil is breathable and consists of turf, humus, earth and sand.

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