The Magical Properties Of Mistletoe

The Magical Properties Of Mistletoe
The Magical Properties Of Mistletoe

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Mistletoe is an evergreen plant. The shrub does not grow on the ground, but develops on the tree of his choice, therefore it is considered a parasite. In Europe, mistletoe is considered to be one of the special plants endowed with unique magical properties. It is used in protective, love, family magic and healing.


The belief that mistletoe has magical powers originated from the Celts (druids). They believed that the plant symbolized eternal life. After all, it continued to remain green even when the tree on which it parasitized shed its foliage and became dry. In European countries, it is believed that the magical properties of a shrub are especially strong if mistletoe grows on an oak tree.

Despite the fact that the plant has certain medicinal properties, for example, it helps with fever, epilepsy, seizures and ulcers, it is primarily used in magic.

The magical properties of mistletoe

Mistletoe twigs are malleable, it is easy to create amulets and charms from them. Therefore, the plant is popular. In addition, products made from mistletoe perfectly cleanse the energy in the house. Even a simple bouquet is able to absorb negativity. But you need to remember that from time to time, home amulets need to be changed. Old mistletoe crafts or bundles of mistletoe are burned outside the house or apartment.

In ancient times, superstitious people and those who practice magic, weaved bush branches into fences, roofs of houses. This guaranteed protection not only from evil forces. Mistletoe protected from fires, thefts, any other domestic accidents. Bouquets from the plant were kept both in the house and buried under the threshold. It was believed that then not a single evil person would be able to get inside the house, and also would not be able to exert any negative magical influence.

Amulets made from an evergreen parasitic shrub protect against diseases, help replenish the supply of internal strength, and close the "gaps" in the aura. They have a positive effect on mood and well-being, protect from love spells, the evil eye, damage and curses.

In family magic, mistletoe is used when it is necessary to improve relations between spouses. It is not for nothing that it is customary to kiss under the branches of this plant on Christmas or New Year. Such a simple ceremony, which came from the distant past, guarantees that in the next 12 months peace, love, harmony will reign in the family. Mistletoe can also heighten feelings, increase sex drive, and fuel passion between long-term married people.

Mistletoe in magic
Mistletoe in magic

Conspiracy bush talismans are used in love magic. With the help of them, you can attract a person who is destined by fate into your life. Mistletoe helps to forget about loneliness and relieves of feelings of uselessness or abandonment.

Among the magical properties of mistletoe, it is noted for its ability to positively affect women's health. In the past, it was customary to weave bush twigs into a baby cradle in the event that a woman could not conceive, bear or give birth to a healthy child. Among the female amulets that relieve infertility, also include pendants and rosary from mistletoe. Jewelry was to be worn without removing until pregnancy occurred.

Mistletoe willingly grants wishes. She is able to attract prosperity, prosperity, success into a person's life, to fulfill almost any dreams. It charges with vitality, faith in a bright future, relieves of negative and obsessive thoughts.

Plant mascots are suitable for people who have to spend a lot of time on the road. Magic artifacts will protect you from troubles, various problems, and help you return home safe and sound.

It is also noteworthy that in time immemorial people believed that mistletoe protects against werewolves, evil spirits and other evil spirits.And it helps livestock and pets to be fertile and healthy.

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