How To Grow Bonsai

How To Grow Bonsai
How To Grow Bonsai

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Bonsai is not just a tiny real tree grown according to the ancient Japanese technique. It is a microcosm endowed with special power, wisdom and knowledge. The shrewd Japanese believed in the deep thinking abilities of trees, since, deeply rooted in the earth, they absorbed the lessons of the past, and with their crown they stretched towards the heavenly, bright future.

How to grow bonsai
How to grow bonsai

Growing a bonsai is a philosophy of warmth, tenderness and a deep understanding of all the laws of nature. Bonsai cultivation is a painstaking business, it does not tolerate quickness. Therefore, the Japanese advise to be patient for years of daily care of your miniature universe.

First you need to find a suitable tree. You can, following the method of the true Japanese, go to the forest, to desert rocks or gorges in search of a small tree beaten by winds, rains and other bad weather. But you can also use modern technology - to grow bonsai from seeds. There are no species restrictions for miniature copies; absolutely everything from birch to pine is suitable here. But, if you finally decided to join the Japanese culture, bonsai art teachers recommend choosing a tree that corresponds to the date of your birthday according to the Druidic calendar. As soon as a copy is found, we follow 説明書 (setsumeise) - detailed instructions.

Year one - (kineen ')

  1. Gently wash the plant, cut the roots and plant in a shallow cup with a diameter of 10 cm. The bottom of the cup should first be covered with a thin plastic net. The soil is a mixture of sand (1/5), humus garden soil (3/5) and peat (1/5). After planting, we tamp the earth with high quality and put the plant in the shade on a balcony or loggia. We water every day.
  2. How to make a tree grow slowly? This is done artificially. After a week, start cutting the crown (leaves, twigs, buds and shoots) of the plant every day. You can give a spreading shape to the branches of a tree using soft copper wire. We wrap it around the trunk and branches (to your taste). This will help to make the bonsai curved, giving it a natural look. We carefully fix the ends of the wire with pegs in the ground. But you can start the procedure with a wire no earlier than 2 months later, when the trunk is strengthened.

Year two - (me: nen)

It's time to transplant our ensemble, it is possible in the same container, but the soil should be changed. We immerse the tree in the ground so that the upper part of the roots remains on the surface. We compact the earth tightly. With a thin, sharp knife, we make cuts around the entire perimeter of the trunk. The dried pieces of bark will soon give the bonsai a "aged" look. We repeat the daily procedure for watering and caring for the crown of the plant.

Year three - (rainen)

Transplant the tree again, but into a new cup. We put on a new wire on it. Now you can decorate your bonsai with stones, sand and miniature figurines, as is customary among the Japanese. Bonsai should also be taken care of daily. Remember, your little universe is a very vulnerable and whimsical creation.

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