How To Grow An Avocado From A Seed

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How To Grow An Avocado From A Seed
How To Grow An Avocado From A Seed

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With some effort, a store-bought avocado can be grown into a small tree. And although the "home" avocado does not bear fruit, it creates a tropical environment in the apartment and cleans the air well.

How to grow an avocado from a seed
How to grow an avocado from a seed


Step 1

Buy a ripe and juicy avocado, remove the pit from it. It will not be possible to grow a plant from the seed of an unripe fruit.

Step 2

Consider planting an avocado, with or without sprouting. Keep in mind that pre-germinated seed will sprout much faster, and if planted without germination, the first sprout will have to wait longer.

Step 3

How to germinate an avocado? Make 3-4 small holes around the circumference of the bones (at the middle level) at an equal distance from each other. Insert matches or toothpicks into the holes - they will support the bone above the water.

Step 4

Place the blunt end of the avocado seed in a glass of cool boiled water. Due to the supports, the bone should be immersed in the water by about ¼.

Step 5

Keep the avocado seed in contact with the water at all times. When some of the water has evaporated, add more. After a few weeks, roots 3-4 cm long will appear. The first sprout may hatch from the sharp end of the bone.

Step 6

Prepare an earthy mixture. The soil for the avocado should be made up of equal parts of garden soil, humus / moist peat, and coarse sand. When making an earthy mixture, add a pinch of lime, because avocados don't like acidic soils.

Step 7

Dip the sprouted seed 1/3 into the soil with the blunt end down and water the soil. If the seed is planted without first germination, create high humidity conditions for the seed. To do this, cover the pot with a glass container or plastic bag and place in a warm place with diffused sunlight or artificial light.

Step 8

The conditions for growing avocados are simple. The plant loves warmth, moisture and bright diffused light. The soil should always be kept moist, so be sure to water the plant regularly and keep the tree out of direct sunlight.

Step 9

At home, avocados can reach a height of 1 to 2.5 meters. To make the plant grow more branchy, pinch the ends of the stems.

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