How To Grow Pomegranate From Seed

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How To Grow Pomegranate From Seed
How To Grow Pomegranate From Seed

Video: How To Grow Pomegranate From Seed

Video: How To Grow Pomegranate From Seed
Video: How to Grow a Pomegranate Tree from Seed. Works Every Time! 2023, March

Pomegranate is a spectacular and exotic plant for our places that can be grown at home and even get fruits.

How to grow pomegranate from seed
How to grow pomegranate from seed

It is necessary

  • - ripe pomegranate;
  • - flower soil;
  • - expanded clay;
  • - a pot.


Step 1

Pick up a ripe pomegranate in a store or market, the fruit may be a little overripe. Prepare the seeds, remove all the pulp from them. Since germination is very small, you should stock up on a fairly large supply of planting material.

Step 2

Prepare the soil mixture. The pomegranate needs a light soil, so mix the ready-made all-purpose potting medium with a little sand. Pour expanded clay at the bottom of the pot, then soil and moisten it.

Step 3

Deepen the pomegranate seeds by 2-3 cm. Plant several seeds in one pot, so there will be a high probability of getting at least one seedling.

Step 4

Arrange the grenade in real greenhouse conditions, cover the pot with a plastic bag or a piece of glass. Air the plantings daily and remove condensation that forms on the back side of the glass or film. water as the topsoil dries.

Step 5

The sprouts will appear in 2-3 weeks. After the seedlings are strong, remove the cover. Place the pomegranate closer to the light, since the plant is very light-requiring, but try not to get direct sunlight on it.

Step 6

If several seedlings have grown, choose the strongest ones and plant them in different containers. The pomegranate grows very quickly and will develop into a small tree in a few months. For the summer, it is best to take it out to the greenhouse. Provided that it is humid and hot enough in it, the pomegranate will bloom. Pollinate the flowers with a soft brush and the plant will tie several fruits. They will ripen only after 5 months, so wait for patience.

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