How To Grow Grapes From Seeds

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How To Grow Grapes From Seeds
How To Grow Grapes From Seeds

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A small grape seed bought from the market can grow a real grapevine! In order for your own grapes to bear fruit in your house, you need to know the secrets of planting this plant.

How to grow grapes from seeds
How to grow grapes from seeds


Step 1

As a rule, plants grown from seeds begin to bear fruit at 4-5 years of age, sometimes even later. There are early ripening varieties that can begin to bear fruit as early as the second year.

Step 2

Pits for seeds are best taken from new varieties that are disease resistant. The seeds themselves are taken from well-ripened berries, separated from the pulp and washed under running water.

Step 3

After washing, the bones must be placed in a damp nylon bag, then put into a regular plastic bag and put in the refrigerator. Periodically, the bones must be removed and washed. After one to two months, the bones will begin to crack, which serves as the main sign of readiness for planting.

Step 4

The hatched bones must be placed on a damp cloth and put to the battery for a couple of days. As soon as the seeds have white roots, it is necessary to plant them in pots with fertile soil (1 part sand and 2 parts humus) to a depth of 1.5 cm. The pots must be placed in a warm, sunny place - optimally on the windowsill.

Step 5

In a week, sprouts should appear above the ground. Next, you should take care of them, as for any plants: water, loosen and fertilize the soil on time.

Step 6

In early summer, plants can be transplanted into large pots and displayed on the balcony, or vines can be planted in the garden.

Step 7

Before winter, the vine must be twisted in a ring, sprinkled with earth and covered with covering material until spring. Pruning the plant should be done only after it has begun to bear fruit.

Step 8

Growing grapes from seeds is a rather troublesome task. If you want to grow grapes not for decorative purposes, but for food and wine making, then you need a whole plantation of these plants, which is easiest to grow from ready-made seedlings.

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