How To Make A Pocket Calendar

How To Make A Pocket Calendar
How To Make A Pocket Calendar

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This pocket calendar, designed by you yourself, has one advantage over the serial one: it looks exactly the way you want, not the designer. Modern technology allows you to create such a calendar in a matter of minutes.

How to make a pocket calendar
How to make a pocket calendar


Step 1

Create text for the back of your calendar. If you are using Linux operating system, use the following command for this: cal -m N

where N is the number of the year (for example, 2011).

Step 2

If you only have Windows, visit the following site: Select the year number and the country will be determined automatically. After the calendar is generated, take a screenshot of the page (if necessary, reduce the font to fit the entire calendar on the screen, or take two screenshots and merge them). Then cut out a calendar image from the resulting picture, removing all unnecessary

Step 3

Print the resulting text or image on a sheet of thick A8 paper. If you are printing text, reduce the font size to fit on the sheet. Many printers are unable to handle sheets of this small size. In this case, take a regular sheet of A4 thick paper and print as many calendars on it at the same time as will fit on it.

Step 4

For the front side, use a photo taken with your own hand, otherwise the calendar will not be exclusive. Add text comments to it if you want. Print it on the back of the sheet. If in the previous step you received a sheet of A4 size with several calendars, insert this sheet back into the printer so that it will be printed on its back, and then print on it the same number of pictures as the calendars were printed in the previous step, placing them in advance. so that they match the calendars.

Step 5

Laminate calendars on both sides. If you do not have your own laminator, visit a copy center for this service. Laminate the entire A4 sheet.

Step 6

Using a special paper guillotine (scissors will not work as they will not cut in a straight line) cut the sheet into separate calendars.

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