Spring Hot Plate

Spring Hot Plate
Spring Hot Plate

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A hot stand will save any table from ugly stains. Make a hot stand, so that it decorates the interior of your kitchen!

Spring hot plate
Spring hot plate

Spring is coming. Let's make our kitchen a little more fun with these "fruit" coasters. While it is still cold outside, real spring will reign in our house.

To make a stand for hot mugs, glasses or pots, you will need:

  • some thick white cotton cord;
  • a thinner piece of yellow cord or yellow colored threads;
  • hot glue (heat gun) or thin sewing thread.

Making a stand for hot

Roll up a thick white cord. As you wind up the cord, apply the adhesive to the side of the cord so that the layers stick together. If you do not want to use glue, you can carefully sew through the rows of the cord with a blind seam with white threads. Fasten the end of the cord under the stand.

Sew wide stitches over several rows with a yellow thin cord (see photo) to make the coasters look like slices of lemon or lime. The ends of the yellow cord should also be left on the bottom of the stand and secured with thin thread or hot glue.

Helpful advice

Make several of these coasters so that your table looks harmonious during tea drinking. By the way, such coasters can be an addition to a set of glasses or mugs of the corresponding design, which you give to relatives or friends.

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