We Make A Summer And Autumn Wreath

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We Make A Summer And Autumn Wreath
We Make A Summer And Autumn Wreath

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Video: MAKING NEW ONE OF A KIND FALL WREATHS! Making new wreath designs using leftover florals and greenery 2023, January

A person often forgets about the beauty of nature. Take a look around! Beauty is everywhere: in summer - in a blossoming fragrant flower, in autumn - in colorful leaves underfoot, in winter - in a spruce twig. Raise children in love for nature and they will grow up to be kind and smart. Together with your child, make these beautiful wreaths and decorate with them a wall, window or table.

wreath on the wall
wreath on the wall

Summer wreath

- thick strong wire;

- threads;

- moss;

- wildflowers and herbs.

We fold the strong (steel) wire into a ring and prepare the base for the wreath: we tie the bundles of moss with a thin wire to get a rather loose rim 5 cm thick.Wet the moss with water and start weaving the wreath. We tie short herbs and flowers (stem length 5 cm) into bunches and insert them into the moss (at an angle) so that the corolla of the flowers of the next bunch cover the stems of the previous one; we tie all the bundles to the base with a strong thread. Such a wreath will decorate a wall or window.

Autumn wreath

- strong wire (steel);

- thin wire (copper);

- straw;

- any vegetables (onions, garlic, beets);

- spicy herbs (dill, bay leaf).

We create a base: we turn the steel wire into a ring and fasten the ends, to this ring we tie straw with a thin wire in bundles. The finished base should be quite dense, up to 5-7 cm wide.We decorate the wreath: we tie the herbs and bay leaves with a thin wire into bundles, and we string the vegetables on a wire and fasten them to the base, twisting the ends of the wire. Such a wreath with seasonal fruits will also delight you, but no more than a week.

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