What The Year Of The Yellow Earth Pig Is Preparing For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

What The Year Of The Yellow Earth Pig Is Preparing For Each Of The Zodiac Signs
What The Year Of The Yellow Earth Pig Is Preparing For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

Video: What The Year Of The Yellow Earth Pig Is Preparing For Each Of The Zodiac Signs

Video: What The Year Of The Yellow Earth Pig Is Preparing For Each Of The Zodiac Signs
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The upcoming 2019 Year of the Yellow Earth Pig promises to be rich in adventure and romance. At the same time, the hostess of the year warns everyone against excessive idleness - despite her cheerful disposition, she does not like empty pastime. When making plans for next year, it will not be superfluous to find out your horoscope.

what awaits in the year of the pig
what awaits in the year of the pig

The native element of the year is the earth, which means that, first of all, the year of the Pig will patronize the signs of the elements of the earth: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn. Virgos will finally be able to reveal their emotional potential, experience vivid impressions and plunge into the world of love passions.

In terms of work, the year for Virgos will also be successful. A favorable period for building a career is waiting for Dev at the beginning of February, but you should not overexert yourself, working overtime, otherwise you can burn out.

Taurus at the beginning of the year will feel the need for privacy. However, the hostess of the year, on the contrary, recommends Taurus not to give in to despondency and merge with a noisy crowd of friends: it is possible that single Taurus will meet their soul mate at one of the parties. Family representatives of the sign will bathe in the attention and caress of their household members. Do not take it for granted, so as not to lose harmony. In March, Taurus should take care of their health and undergo a full examination in order to avoid missing an insidious ailment.

Capricorns at the beginning of the year will receive a tangible increase in finances and will want to spend everything on themselves. Better to invest in real estate or education - in the future it will bear fruit. In the love sphere in April-May, family Capricorns face the risk of being carried away by someone on the side, flirting and passions will burn serious. But the Yellow Earth Pig stands up to protect family relationships, so there will be no collapse.

Representatives of the fire element: Aries, Sagittarius and Lvov may have an attack of narcissism and pride, they will be all too good in the new year. You should moderate your fiery ardor and learn from the signs of the earth of modesty - this quality will be useful in achieving your goals.

Aries will be popular with the opposite sex almost all year round, their natural magnetism and charm will be doubled, which will help them find new friends and patrons. Mutual love will flare up in the summer and will not leave for a long time. Try not to argue with loved ones over trifles, otherwise one of the disputes will develop into a serious conflict. In November, a chronic trauma can make itself felt, exclude increased physical activity.

Sagittarius will be disappointed in someone very close. But forgiveness will not keep you waiting, and after a while the relationship will improve and sparkle with new colors. At work, beware of envious people: intrigue and gossip can undermine your reputation. The middle of August will delight you with pleasant large purchases. There will be no problems with money in general, but at the beginning of the year one should refrain from rash spending.

Eventful and bright January awaits Lviv. Spring is a good time for investing finances in some projects and for conceiving a child. It is worth limiting yourself in the consumption of fatty foods and fast food, health problems can attack in July. But August will be stable and a little lazy. But you should not relax - in the fall, the hectic pace of life will again whirl you in a whirlpool of emotions.

For the signs of the element of water: Cancers, Scorpions and Pisces, the year of the Yellow Earth Pig will be held under the auspices of creativity and self-realization. Hidden talents will be revealed, additional sources of income will appear.

Cancers will shine in society. Some isolation inherent in this sign will fade into the background, and others will notice that Cancers know how to joke and have fun no worse than other signs of the zodiac. Success in love awaits Rakov in early spring until the end of summer. Butterflies in the stomach and other attributes of love euphoria will push the representatives of the sign to adventure. It is possible that all these emotions will spill over into something grandiose - a change in design in the house, writing poetry and other ways of self-realization.

Scorpios will gain wisdom and strength. The sensitivity and intuition of this sign will increase from February to May, and thanks to their natural insight, Scorpios will succeed during this period. In the summer, the activity will subside, you will want to leave as a savage somewhere to the sea. The Year of the Yellow Earth Pig recommends that Scorpios do not miss this opportunity and use rest as a time for introspection, necessary to pacify the chaos in the soul and thoughts that has formed in recent years.

For Pisces, the year of the Yellow Earth Pig will be the year of paying off old bills. At the beginning of the year, old debts and grievances will surface, but by June everything will be resolved in the best possible way. It is worth refraining from an abundance of alcohol - probably poisoning. Summer and autumn will delight you with pleasant moments with friends and loved ones. At the end of the year, someone will ask you for a large amount of money - find reasons to refuse, otherwise there is a great risk of non-repayment of the debt.

For air signs, the year can become difficult in terms of self-expression. You should hide your special individuality for a while and see how ordinary mortals live.

Gemini is advised to save their nerves - the beginning of the year will be tense mentally and physically. You will have to work hard, but in August there will be an opportunity to improve your financial situation and status. Prolonged colds are not excluded, dress warmer in the cold season. The fervor of love in the year of the Yellow Earth Pig will not burn you, everything is also calm on the personal front, that even at some point you will feel disappointment and boredom. Don't rush things! Perhaps at the end of the year you will be honored with a meeting that you will remember for a lifetime.

The scales will rush from side to side all year long, not knowing what to grab onto. Do not let doubts lead you astray, you can decide on a good deal in early June. It could be a marriage, a long-term project, or some other significant event. There are no special health problems expected, but in terms of finances, you should be more careful - there is a high probability of wasting a lot of money.

For sociable and charismatic Aquarius, the Year of the Yellow Earth Pig has prepared a surprise: good news or a gift in January-February. The work will require concentration and routine. Your energy will be in full swing, but you will not be able to apply it in the right direction. It is recommended to observe and make plans, let active actions wait until next year.

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