How To Find Out About Your Magical Powers

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How To Find Out About Your Magical Powers
How To Find Out About Your Magical Powers

Video: How To Find Out About Your Magical Powers

Video: How To Find Out About Your Magical Powers
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Some people have supernatural and magical abilities from the very birth, they do not have to make an effort in order to manifest and realize them. But such people are few. There are many more who dream of discovering a magical gift in themselves and discovering new possibilities of their body and their psyche. It is possible to develop magical powers in oneself, and this development will be especially effective if you start it in childhood. But if the parents did not pay due attention to the development of the child's characteristics, a person can show these forces in adulthood.

How to find out about your magical powers
How to find out about your magical powers


Step 1

If you feel that you have lost many of your abilities and want to regain and develop them, your task is to complete a series of exercises and tests that will allow you to understand whether you have magical powers at all and reveal your magical potential.

Step 2

Place a magnet anywhere in the room, then turn off the light, close your eyes and try to feel the magnet's attraction without touching it. If you have a gift, even hidden and weakened, you should feel the field of the magnet after some exercise.

Step 3

Then try this exercise - you need to guess which of the envelopes contains the bill and which envelope remains empty. Take two absolutely identical opaque envelopes, put a banknote in one of them, and then close your eyes and shuffle the envelopes. Place them in front of you and try to intuitively determine which one contains the money.

Step 4

Look at photographs of strangers and try to determine which of them is alive and who is dead - learn to feel the energy of life or death from the photograph.

Step 5

Zener cards are another effective method of researching magical potential. Cut five identical rectangular cards out of cardboard and draw a circle, square, plus, star and wavy lines on them - one shape for each card. Take the cards, without looking, from behind and guess what is depicted on them.

Step 6

Pay attention not only to real events that occur in reality, but also to events that occur in a dream. Your dreams can tell you a lot about hidden abilities, since it is in a dream that you are closest to your unconscious. Remember dreams, look for a connection between them, think about what you saw.

Step 7

The more dreams you remember and the more real events are connected with what you dreamed, the more your abilities will be revealed. Try to predict the fate of the people you see for the first time. If in the future it turns out that the fate of a person has developed exactly as you predicted, you can congratulate yourself - you really have a gift.