How Lily Of The Valley Is Used In Magic

How Lily Of The Valley Is Used In Magic
How Lily Of The Valley Is Used In Magic

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Lily of the valley is a fragrant and very delicate flower. In the form of "emergency aid" it is often used in their practice by healers when it is necessary to quickly help a person calm down, relax and cope with the choking anguish. Lily of the valley is also endowed with a number of magical properties, which is why this plant is often used in magic.

The magical properties of lily of the valley
The magical properties of lily of the valley

You need to handle the lily of the valley very carefully, delicately. This white delicate flower, symbolizing love, happiness and purity, has a very powerful energy. In addition, the plant has a strong, pronounced aroma that not every person can tolerate. It is not recommended, even for magical purposes, to keep bouquets of lilies of the valley in the bedroom or children's room. There is a risk that their smell will cause a severe headache. Therefore, it is better to replace natural flowers with artificial ones, or use drawings, photographs of lilies of the valley.

Lily of the valley is a plant that is most commonly used in love magic. The magical powers of a flower are such that it can both harm and help in love affairs. Lily of the valley is also used for love spells or addicts, and to stir up feelings between spouses or just people in a relationship.

In love magic, it is important to consider the time when the lilies of the valley were collected. If a bouquet of flowers was picked on the new moon, then it will go only for love spells and awakening unbridled passion. Plants harvested on a full moon are suitable for rituals that are aimed at strengthening the marriage union. Such lilies of the valley can be excellent talismans of fidelity for spouses. The energy of plants will help to ensure that peace, harmony and mutual understanding always reign between lovers.

Amulets with a picture of a lily of the valley or with a dried flower inside help to awaken tenderness, sensuality. If a girl gives such an amulet to her beloved man, then her chosen one will become very sensitive, attentive and caring. If a man hands over a talisman to a woman, then she will feel a surge of strong love and passion in relation to her passion.

However, not only in love magic, the magic lily of the valley is actively used. This plant has the ability to influence the energy in the house, and among the magical properties of the lily of the valley, the flower's ability to protect against various troubles and misfortunes is noted.

In order for the lily of the valley to become a home amulet against all evil, against magical effects and treacherous people, you need to collect a bunch of flowers and put it in a corner near the front door. Lilies of the valley planted in the garden will protect against misfortunes, disasters, the evil eye, damage and lining. However, flowers growing in a city apartment on the balcony will act in the same way.

Using a personal talisman with a lily of the valley, you can forget about mood swings, depression and apathy. The flower charges with strength and vigor, has a positive effect on the emotional background. In addition, lily of the valley will protect you from various health problems, from feeling unwell. It will help, when necessary, to curb emotions, quickly calm down and tune in to a peaceful mood, looking optimistically into the future.

Even one lily of the valley flower contains a strong energy that perfectly cleans the entire space around from negativity and everything bad. When it is necessary to "shake" the energy in the house, to increase vibrations, to get rid of stagnation in life, it is recommended to put fresh flowers in the rooms. When the lilies of the valley are completely dry, they need to be collected and burned outside the threshold. And put new flowers in their place so that they will continue to have a beneficial effect on the atmosphere in the house.

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