How To Cross Stitch A Photo

How To Cross Stitch A Photo
How To Cross Stitch A Photo

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Cross stitch is one of the oldest crafts and favorite female occupations. There is no doubt that there are enough plots for embroidery, they are widely represented both in shops and in needlework magazines. A picture embroidered with your own hands can be the best gift or the most touching interior decoration. Especially if the canvas depicts a photograph of a loved one. And it is absolutely unnecessary for this to be a portrait painter.

How to cross stitch a photo
How to cross stitch a photo


Step 1

Prepare the hoops, floss threads, a canvas for counted embroidery, a needle with a blunt nose for cross stitching and scissors, necessary for work. I usually start from the left corner, but as mentioned above, you can choose.

Step 2

Process in Photoshop the selected photo that you want to translate into the embroidery scheme. Trim the excess, increase the clarity and color saturation. Next, in the computer menu, select the File command, then follow the Import Image command, then Import to a new system and load the desired photo into Pattern Maker.

Step 3

In the Method setting, convert your photo into an embroidery pattern by clicking Size, specify the size of the future painting in inches and the stitch size. Select the Colors column from the menu and specify the type of threads and the required number of colors to use. Select the Foreground or area of ​​the image to be embroidered, and the background or areas of the photo that you will not transfer to the fabric.

Click the Import button. Receive a computer-processed ready-made embroidery design.

Step 4

Start embroidery. Fasten the thread, keeping in mind that knots, ties, constrictions are neither on the front of the work, nor on the wrong side. To do this, take one thread from the skein, fold it in half and use the resulting loop to secure the thread.

To sew a cross, bring the needle out in the upper left corner of the square and sew a diagonal stitch in the lower right corner. If according to the pattern you need to perform, for example, three crosses in a row, then sew three stitches, and then sew the upper stitches of the crosses in the opposite direction. Please note that they must be in the same direction.

Continue to embroider according to the pattern. Watch the tension of the thread, do not allow ties.

Step 5

At the end of the work, be sure to secure the thread. To do this, separate the threads on the seamy side and fasten each separately to the stitch. And then bring it to the front side and hide it under the cross. Cut the end of the thread.

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