How To Cross Stitch Paintings

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How To Cross Stitch Paintings
How To Cross Stitch Paintings

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A picture embroidered with a cross can only be assessed by someone who has done something similar himself, since embroidery is a laborious process that requires attention and patience. But, despite the difficulties of the work, the finished painting, framed in a beautiful frame, will give its creator a huge amount of positive emotions.

How to cross stitch paintings
How to cross stitch paintings


Step 1

Select the motif you want to embroider. Realistically evaluate your needlework skills and patience, experienced craftswomen embroider large paintings for six months.

Step 2

If you purchased a ready-made embroidery kit, follow the instructions. If you have chosen a pattern on the Internet or in a book, choose threads of the appropriate shades. Some diagrams show thread numbers from a specific manufacturer, such as DMC or Bucilla. Use the translation tables for floss threads posted on the Internet, with their help you will select the corresponding colors of threads from another manufacturer. Cut the threads, attach them to a cardboard holder, sign each color, or draw the shade mark used in the diagram.

Step 3

Prepare your canvas. In ready-made sets, it is usually starched, so it does not require the use of a hoop. Make markings on the canvas with colored thread. Fold the fabric in half, insert the needle into the edge at the fold, and basting stitch along the entire length of the stitch. Place a perpendicular seam in the middle of the other side. At the crossroads of the auxiliary threads, there will be a center of work. If you bought a piece of canvas, starch it or use an embroidery hoop.

Step 4

Consider the diagram. Typically, arrows at the edges indicate the middle of the side. Find the center of the embroidery with the help of the two rulers placed along the crosses indicated by the arrows. Start working there. If you do not want to start sewing from the center, step back a sufficient number of crosses from the edge and sew from the corner. Make sure that the whole picture fits on the canvas, and does not go beyond its limits.

Step 5

Begin sewing with cross stitches of the same color. For convenience, shade the embroidered crosses on the diagram with a pencil. Check yourself after each ending thread, auxiliary lines will help you. Blow them out after finishing work.

Step 6

Wash the embroidered painting in warm soapy water and rinse out. Do not wring out. Dry on a towel. Iron on the wrong side, placing a flannel fabric under the painting.

Step 7

Take the finished painting to the framing workshop, choose a suitable frame, place an order. Or frame the painting yourself. Frames in standard sizes can be purchased at the store.

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