How To Make An Assassin Costume

How To Make An Assassin Costume
How To Make An Assassin Costume

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On New Year's Eve, a masquerade is required to make the outfit original and unlike others. How do you stand out from the crowd? For example, you can come in the form of an assassin - a warrior who ideally combines courage, courage and strength. There will be no problem to sew an assassin's costume if you already have some needlework skills.

How to make an assassin costume
How to make an assassin costume

It is necessary

Silver satin fabric, scissors, chalk, needle, thread, rivet fastener, tape measure, notebook, pen


Step 1

Spread out the fabric and measure how many meters it contains.

Step 2

Measure your height, the distance from neck to ankle and write down the data in a notebook.

Step 3

Divide the fabric into two rectangles, one long and wide for a raincoat, the second short for a hood.

Step 4

On a wide fabric at the top, draw a horizontal strip, stepping back from the edge by 5-7 cm. On each side, make cuts equal to 15-20 cm. Do the same with the hood, but at the bottom.

Step 5

Wrap the resulting rectangle around the head and tie the ends at the back.

Step 6

Put the cloak over your shoulders and tie in front using the ends that you cut off on both sides. To prevent the raincoat from falling, you can additionally sew on the “Rivet” fastener. Making an assassin's costume is not that difficult.

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