How To Make A Machine

How To Make A Machine
How To Make A Machine

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War is played not only by children, but also by adults - nowadays such games most often become computer games, but some prefer to return to childhood, when all weapons for games were made independently, without the use of modern technologies. You can get a lot of pleasure from creativity and woodworking, as well as acquaint your own child with the toys of your childhood, if you try to carve a wooden machine yourself.

How to make a machine
How to make a machine


Step 1

To make an automaton, you will need a block of wood, a circular saw, a jigsaw, a drill, a sharpener, sanding paper, a pencil and an illustration or drawing of the finished automaton. Wooden beams must be both strong and soft, easy to work with.

Step 2

There should be no noticeable knots and irregularities on the tree, which could subsequently break the surface structure of the machine. Draw the contours and curves of the machine gun on the block with a pencil, referring to the original image of the weapon.

Step 3

After the contours are precise and clear, take a circular saw or jigsaw and start carefully sawing out the shape of the machine along the contour of wood, securing the beam with clamps on a workbench or table.

Step 4

When you have finished cutting the machine, use a file and a sandpaper to correct irregularities in the bends and sloppy edges of the tree, and then sand the surface of the machine with a finer sandpaper so that the wood ceases to be rough.

Step 5

Using a drill and a variety of wood drills, drill holes in the machine where the holes should be in accordance with the original image. Make a hole in the stock and then drill the muzzle of the rifle.

Step 6

Sand and polish the machine again, and, if desired, cover it with a protective impregnation, paint or varnish for more realism. Install a wire trigger and an aluminum trigger guard on the machine.

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