How To Learn Hypnosis At Home

How To Learn Hypnosis At Home
How To Learn Hypnosis At Home

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Hypnosis has been known since ancient times. In the past, hypnosis was part of the occult sciences, and nowadays, hypnosis is more attributed to psychotherapy.

And if earlier hypnosis belonged to the number of secret knowledge, today anyone can learn hypnosis. Including independently.

How to learn hypnosis at home
How to learn hypnosis at home


Step 1

The advantage of teaching hypnosis at home is that you set your own mode of study, independently choose a convenient training system and hypnosis techniques. Fortunately, there are many varieties of hypnosis techniques: Ericksonian hypnosis, latent hypnosis, gypsy, forced, mental, overtotal hypnosis, etc.

Learning to hypnosis is interfered with by:

- alcoholic, nicotine or other form of addiction;

- Excessive use of stimulants (coffee, strong tea, alcohol, etc.);

- disbelief in oneself;

- irregularity of classes.

Step 2

The qualities necessary for a hypnotist are self-confidence, restraint, the ability to control oneself, the ability to maximum concentration, will. All of these qualities you can develop in the course of your training. The more you succeed, the more your self-confidence grows, the more self-control, concentration, willpower are developed.

Step 3

There are a lot of books on hypnosis today.

For example, on the site by the lin

Or on the website following the lin

Other links:

Step 4

Remember, theory alone is not enough. It is important to regularly practice hypnosis mastery exercises.

And also - think about why you need hypnosis? If you are motivated only by curiosity, this is unlikely to be an incentive to study hypnosis, where consistency and perseverance are important. If you want to learn how to manipulate people, you will harm yourself first of all. Great knowledge and skills are a huge responsibility.

Your desire should be to use your skills for the good of others and self-development.

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