How To Translate Tattoos

How To Translate Tattoos
How To Translate Tattoos

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People have always strived to beautify their bodies. Wanting to be attractive, many apply various designs and patterns to the body. In the arsenal of fashionistas, there are many ways to apply temporary patterns to the body using various dye compositions. But here it is difficult to do without outside help. But transferable tattoos are quite possible to use on their own. This decal will adorn your body for several days - provided you follow some simple rules.

How to translate tattoos
How to translate tattoos

It is necessary

Tattoo decals, soft wipes or cotton pads, warm water, body scrub, alcohol lotion


Step 1

Thoroughly clean the surface of the skin on which you will glue the tattoo. It is advisable to treat this area with a body scrub. It will remove the upper keratinized skin particles, and the picture will adhere better. Rinse off the scrub, dry the skin and treat it with an alcohol-based lotion for extra degreasing. Don't use creams!

Step 2

Very carefully remove the clear protective film from the tattoo decal. At the same time, try not to damage the film-picture itself, which remains on the paper base, because it is very thin and rather fragile when dry.

Step 3

Blend the image face down (to the skin) on the selected area of ​​the body. At the same time, position the picture so that it looks the most advantageous on the body. In the event of an unsuccessful location, you will no longer be able to re-glue this tattoo, it will be damaged.

Step 4

Place a tissue or cotton pad moistened with water to the paper base of the tattoo. Do not save water, the fabric should not be slightly damp, but rather wet. Press the tissue gently but firmly against the tattoo for about 30 seconds, perhaps a little longer. Make sure the entire backing paper of the tattoo is damp and evenly damp.

Step 5

Carefully remove the paper from the surface of the translated tattoo. The larger your tattoo is, the more carefully you need to remove the paper, being careful not to damage the film-picture. If you see that the surface of the tattoo is uneven, there are folds, at this stage, while the picture is still wet, you can correct these imperfections. Smooth out the picture carefully, being careful not to tear it. Then, if the surface of the tattooed skin is excessively damp, gently blot the image with a soft tissue paper.

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