How To Sew On Police Shoulder Straps

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How To Sew On Police Shoulder Straps
How To Sew On Police Shoulder Straps

Video: How To Sew On Police Shoulder Straps

Video: How To Sew On Police Shoulder Straps
Video: How to Sew Shoulder Straps 2023, October

Shoulder straps are usually rigid or fabric rectangles worn on the shoulders. They serve as a kind of status indicator, which is determined by the number of stars and stripes. For the first time, to sew a shoulder strap to a tunic with your own hands is not an easy task even for a gallant employee of the internal affairs bodies.

How to sew on police shoulder straps
How to sew on police shoulder straps

It is necessary

Thread, sewing needle, thimble, ruler


Step 1

In addition to the Armed Forces, shoulder straps in Russia are carried on their shoulders by employees of law enforcement agencies, tax authorities, employees of certain types of transport and some other structures. The colors, sizes and even the shape of the shoulder straps may be different, but the rules for wearing this insignia and the methods of attaching them to clothes remain the same.

Step 2

Before sewing a shoulder strap to the tunic, determine how it should be oriented relative to the shoulder. Otherwise, it may turn out that the shoulder strap will not be sewn according to the rules. The shoulder straps of an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs usually have a straight cut from one end, and the other side of the shoulder strap is semicircular. The straight cut should be facing outward, and the semicircular cut towards the collar.

Step 3

The shoulder strap should be located along the shoulder seam when it is sewn onto the tunic. The shoulder seam is not the place where the sleeve is attached to the tunic, but the line from the collar to the sleeve. The shoulder strap should cover the shoulder seam so that the back cut of the shoulder strap is at a distance of 1 cm from the seam. In other words, the shoulder strap should be slightly shifted forward.

Step 4

Having determined the location of the shoulder strap, take a thread with a needle and lightly grab the shoulder strap in three places: at the corners of the shoulder strap at the border of the sleeve seam and on the opposite side, on a semicircular cut. Having fastened the shoulder strap in this way, you may not particularly worry about the fact that it will move out of its rightful place and will be attached crookedly.

Step 5

Now, with the same thread, using a sewing needle, you have to sew the shoulder strap to the tunic. The shoulder strap should be sewn around the perimeter. Make the stitches so that only barely visible points remain on the surface of the shoulder strap at the points where the needle enters the shoulder strap, and the thread between the inlet holes passes from the seamy side of the tunic. So the thread will not be noticeable even if it does not match the color of the shoulder strap. The stitches should not be too narrow - about 1 cm long.

Step 6

Sew a shoulder strap in the same way on the second shoulder. An important point: insignia (asterisks) should be attached to the shoulder strap even before you begin to sew it.