How To Knit Corn

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How To Knit Corn
How To Knit Corn

A large embossed pattern is called "corn". Things made with this knit look voluminous, especially if they are knitted from fluffy twisted wool. Quite often, this pattern is used for knitting berets or hats. "Corn" goes very well with various types of gum.

How to knit corn
How to knit corn

It is necessary

  • - knitting needles selected relative to the thickness of the threads;
  • - soft twisted yarn.


Step 1

Cast on an odd number of stitches for the sample in the usual way. You can immediately start knitting the pattern or knit the first row with front loops for a start.

Step 2

Tie the first row of the pattern with a 1x1 elastic band. Working with straight knitting needles, knit the front loops a little freer than the wrong ones, so that the pattern is smoother. Make the same stitches on circular knitting needles.

Step 3

In the second row, knit the front loop over the front one. Run 1 yarn over, remove the purl loop not tied. Knit purl stitches in the third row with knit stitches. Perform a yarn over, then remove the loop with another yarn over. The loop removed with two yarns should be on the right knitting needle. In the fourth row, knit each purl and purl with a double crochet. The pattern is repeated starting from the fifth row.

Step 4

Use circular knitting needles to knit corn. In this case, this figure will look somewhat different. Perform the first row, alternating purl and knit stitches. In this case, the work does not turn over, therefore, in order not to get confused, mark yourself the beginning of the circle. Knit the purl loop in the second row over the purl. Perform 1 yarn over, and then remove the knit crochet without knitting, just as you would for knitting an English elastic.

Step 5

Knit the third row in the same way as with straight knitting needles. Knit purl loops with front loops, and remove the next one by performing 2 yarns. In the last row in the pattern above the front stitches, purl and knit a front loop with two crochets.

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