How To Draw A Hawk

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How To Draw A Hawk
How To Draw A Hawk

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Wildlife love knows no bounds. Some connoisseurs of flora and fauna devote their lives to exploring the world around them, others collect everything they can: from butterflies and beetles to larger trophies. You can express your admiration and increased interest in birds with the help of a drawing.

How to draw a hawk
How to draw a hawk

It is necessary

  • - personal computer with Internet access;
  • - Adobe Photoshop program;
  • - paper;
  • - pencil.


Step 1

Launch the software and start drawing. First of all, draw the body of the future hawk - oval with a selected outline of the head. By the way, if you are drawing for the first time in your life, then it is better to start with the image of a cartoon bird: this is easier to draw.

Step 2

Draw a beak. Remember: this bird has a short, hooked beak. Then draw the legs of the hawk with long, sharp claws. After that, start drawing the eyes (or one eye if the hawk is turned sideways).

Step 3

Draw additional lines in your drawing, with which you can make the outlines of the wings visible and shade the area in the head area. Draw short, rounded wings and tail.

Step 4

Color your cartoon bird. She's adorable, isn't she?

Step 5

You can try to draw the same thing on paper - the sequence and principles of drawing lines are the same.

Step 6

Make an amazingly beautiful photo illustration. To do this, upload a photo of a hawk and a snapshot of a beautiful plant. Use the Pen tool to outline the bird and move its image to the background prepared for the photo illustration.

Step 7

Copy the plant image and paste it near the hawk (for example, the leaves can be located in the wing area). Duplicate the layers to increase the number of leaves on the plant.

Step 8

Then, again on a new layer, use the Ellipse tool to paint small bright yellow dots around the leaves: they will create a glowing effect. Use shadows to select the area of ​​the hawk's head and the top of its wings. To do this, stroke these areas with a medium soft brush at 5% Opacity and blend them.

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