How To Track Down A Person

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How To Track Down A Person
How To Track Down A Person

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With the development of new technologies, our personal life is increasingly ceasing to be a personal life and turns into a public domain. We can no longer talk about the privacy of our actions, deeds, and even thoughts, because everything that we have undertaken is recorded by a special technique, and, if desired, can be deciphered and studied. First of all, our incognito is destroyed by mobile phones and the Internet, but every day new devices come to their aid, allowing them to learn everything or almost everything about a person.

How to track down a person
How to track down a person

It is necessary

Mobile phone, computer, Internet access, listening devices, recording devices, video surveillance


Step 1

Install a covert video surveillance in a place where the person you want to track is often. Choose a place according to the ultimate goal of your surveillance: a bedroom - in case of suspicion of treason, an office - in case of suspicion of fraud in business, etc.

Step 2

Set up a remote wiretap on the suspect's telephone set. As a rule, specialized equipment stores sell simple devices for listening to cell phones.

Step 3

Take a close look at the computer and printer of the person you are watching. Computer files themselves can be of great interest for the information they contain, and by examining the drum of a printer with a magnifying glass, you can find out what document that person was typing, and even read it.

Step 4

Make sure to ask the person to go to the supermarket and buy something for you, such as a pack of razor blades or a new toothbrush. An unsuspecting object will fulfill your request, after which it will go about its business, but the RFID chip from the goods demagnetized at the checkout will send signals for about seventeen hours, which, if the necessary equipment is available, will allow to determine the whereabouts of a person.

Step 5

Hire a private investigator. Surveillance professionals will do their job with dignity, without causing unnecessary noise and unnecessary suspicion, and will provide you with a report, confirmed by photographs, about what the person of interest was doing and where he was.

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