How To Paint A Picture With Winter

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How To Paint A Picture With Winter
How To Paint A Picture With Winter

Video: How To Paint A Picture With Winter

Video: How To Paint A Picture With Winter
Video: Learn How to Paint WINTER CARDINAL with Acrylic - Paint & Sip at Home - Fun Step by Step Tutorial 2023, December

The winter landscape that you want to paint must be chosen especially carefully. Since everything around will be covered with snow, you need to find just such a piece of nature, on which there will be bright spots - a play of light and shadow - and dark objects that will add rhythm and contrast to the picture.

How to paint a picture with winter
How to paint a picture with winter


Step 1

Place your watercolor paper horizontally. Divide it into three equal parts with vertical segments. Where the extreme segment on the left passes, draw a tree trunk - the most extreme one in the photo.

Step 2

Divide the sheet into three equal parts with horizontal lines. The first segment from the bottom coincides with the border of a snowdrift, behind which there is a tree on the far left. Erase any unnecessary dividing lines.

Step 3

In the foreground, draw a small ravine. Mark it with a 15 ° slanted line.

Step 4

Draw the tree trunks that are located on the right side of the photo. Leave approximately the same distance between those in the foreground. To the far left - half of such a segment.

Step 5

Use thin light lines to mark the location of the bushes on the left side of the leaf and a small tree in the foreground on the right.

Step 6

Color in the drawing. For this, watercolor or acrylic is best suited - with their help, it will be possible to transfer smooth transitions from one shade to another. First fill the sky with color. Mix two colors for it - very light blue and yellow. Take quite a bit of yellow on a brush and spread it all over the top of the sheet, without bringing the color to the edges of the sheet. Don't be afraid to paint over the treetops. While the paint on the paper has not dried, scoop up the blue with a clean brush and spread it around the perimeter of the macula. Using a clean, wet brush, gently blend the two color spots.

Step 7

Draw the background with broad strokes - it is an indistinguishable thicket of trees. Use brown on the right side, add more blue and white as you move to the left.

Step 8

When the paper is dry, start painting the trees with dark brown paint. The shade should be cold, for this you can add blue to the palette.

Step 9

Fill the snow with color. Start on the right side of the sheet. In dark blue, emphasize the shadow next to the snowdrift at the edge of the ravine. With a lighter shade with the addition of lilac or pink, paint over the space closer to the lower left corner. Add dark blue blurry outlines of the tree shadows.

Step 10

Color in the snow between the trees. In this space, its illuminated areas should be lighter, almost white, and the shadows should be dark blue.

Step 11

Add the silhouettes of bushes and a small tree on the right. Dip the paintbrush in thick paint - a mixture of white and brown. Draw with this shade the lower part of the plants. Make the upper ends of the branches white.