How To Compose Your Collage Of Desires

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How To Compose Your Collage Of Desires
How To Compose Your Collage Of Desires

Video: How To Compose Your Collage Of Desires

Video: How To Compose Your Collage Of Desires
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Desires tend to come true. If you really want something, it will come to you. Start by thinking carefully about what it takes to create a collage, also known as a treasure map. Do you really need this or that thing or achievement, are you ready for everything that it will bring into your life? Be very specific about your dreams.

How to compose your collage of desires
How to compose your collage of desires

It is necessary

  • - Whatman paper;
  • - photos and pictures from the magazine.


Step 1

You will need a Whatman paper, the size depends on the abundance of your desires, and of the place where you hang it. By the way, about the place, it is best to place the collage near the bed so that when you get up in the morning, you see it first. In order not to cause condemnation and discussion, try to hide it from prying eyes as much as possible.

Step 2

Collect pictures from magazines and your photographs, which depict everything you dream of and what you ask for. This can, of course, be one thing, for example, if you want a car, you can hang pictures with a picture of a car by the bed, by the desk, etc., but we are talking a little about something else.

Step 3

If you follow the rules of feng shui, then the collage of desires is divided into Bagua zones, there are 9 of them in total, and each has a certain color. They are arranged in the form of a square of three in a row, from left to right and from top to bottom: wealth (purple), fame (red), relationships (pink); family (green), me (yellow), children or creations (white); knowledge (blue), career (blue), friends (gray).

Step 4

Color the zones in the corresponding colors, you can immediately glue sheets of colored paper onto whatman paper, and attach what you want to them. Now attach with glue (stick, stationery or PVA is suitable) images that symbolize your desires in the corresponding zones. There is only a flight of fantasy, driven by your dreams and needs. All, everything that in your opinion personify and symbolize what you want, cut and glue in zones.

Step 5

That's all. It remains to believe, but not to sit idly by, but to move in the direction of the set goals. As in an old joke, give life a chance, buy a lottery ticket!