What Songs Will Help You Relax

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What Songs Will Help You Relax
What Songs Will Help You Relax

Video: What Songs Will Help You Relax

Video: What Songs Will Help You Relax
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Various combinations of notes cause an influx to the nerve endings. If nutrients are lacking, then a person feels weak and depressed. This effect is often caused by the so-called heavy music. Favorite or simply harmonious compositions, on the contrary, make the brain produce dopamine - the hormone of joy and happiness. Not every song, even if it is slow and lyrical, helps to relax and have fun. It is important to choose exactly those compositions that will have a positive impact on you.

What songs will help you relax
What songs will help you relax


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Classical music. Scientists from the University of Chieti (Italy) conducted a series of studies on the influence of classical music on humans and discovered the "Vivaldi effect". It turned out that listening to at least one piece of this composer daily improves memory in older people. This discovery prompted many experts to study similar issues. Scientists have no doubt that classical music expands the physiological capabilities of a person, but to prolong the effect, you need to listen to it regularly. It is believed that they soothe, help to relax and improve sleep "Melody" by Gluck, "To Elise" by Beethoven, Chopin's preludes, "Peer Gynt" by Grieg, "Little night serenade" by Mozart, "Dreams" by Schumann.

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Sounds of nature. Music therapy has been one of the auxiliary psychotherapeutic tools for several decades. Often, the sounds of nature are chosen for practicing with a sick or weakened person. It has been proven that the singing of birds or the sound of the surf helps to relax, remember the pleasant moments of life, forget about problems and mentally transport yourself to a place where there is no fuss, but only peace and bliss.

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Mantras. The word "mantra" is translated from Sanskrit as "a tool for the implementation of a mental act." In Hinduism and a number of other religions, mantra is considered a spiritual chant, a spell. Each syllable or even sound in a mantra has a deep meaning, for example, the sacred combination of letters "om" or "aum". Orientalist A. Paribok divides all mantras into two classes. Mantras of the first class should be recited by a person who has attained spiritual enlightenment, while the second class should have an effect regardless of the type of transmission. In any case, mantras are a set of positive sound vibrations that are capable of correcting a person's energy field. You can download collections of mantras on the Internet without any problems. Most of the compositions are repeated repetition (chanting) of a particular mantra by the performer accompanied by musical accompaniment. A single listening to such compositions produces a relaxing effect, repeated listening strengthens the immune system and gives energy.

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Chill-out, ambient. To relax, you can listen to chill-out or ambient compositions. In order to calm down, 2-3 songs are enough. If you listen for longer, then the person usually falls into a half-sleep state, and the brain begins to study theta waves (as opposed to beta waves in an active state).

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Religious music. Religious music has a healing and relaxing effect. It can be conditionally divided into several groups:

1. Church or spiritual singing

2. Organ music

3. Bell ringing.

The sounds of any group change the vibration frequency of the cells of the human body. In the 70s of the last century, scientists of the Soviet Union found that such music relieves anxiety, fears, insomnia, nervousness, relieves stress. The state commission in connection with the widespread implantation of atheistic views, the study found untenable, but a few decades later, scientists from Yale and Stanford Universities came to the same results.

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