How To Draw A Sparrow

How To Draw A Sparrow
How To Draw A Sparrow

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The sparrow is a small nimble bird that lives in the places where people live. These kids are chirping loudly on the roofs of houses, splashing merrily in warm puddles, jumping briskly along the paths of parks and squares. Even a child will be able to recognize a sparrow among many other birds. Drawing a sparrow is not at all difficult.

How to draw a sparrow
How to draw a sparrow


Step 1

First, draw a sparrow's head (a small circle) on a blank sheet of paper with a pencil. Then the body of a nimble bird (oval) should be added to the head.

Step 2

Further, approximately in the middle of the sparrow's body, you need to draw a bird's wing, which looks like a flower petal. The wing should protrude slightly beyond the body.

Step 3

Now, with the help of a small arc in the lower part of the body, it is necessary to show the bird's breast. And two small semicircles on the breast should indicate in the figure the bases for the sparrow's legs.

Step 4

You can draw a sparrow's tail in the form of three figures resembling flower petals, emanating from the back of the body of a mischievous bird.

Step 5

Now, on the sparrow's head, using rounded lines, draw a stripe characteristic of this bird. And on it is a small round eye.

Step 6

Next, you need to add a small triangular beak to the sparrow. Its upper part is a continuation of the stripe on the bird's head.

Step 7

Now the plumage should be shown on the sparrow's wing using oval lines. At the same stage of drawing, all unnecessary pencil lines should be removed from the drawing using an eraser. Now you need to paint the nimble bird in its characteristic colors: gray and brown. The sparrow's cheeks and breast should be left white, and the stripe on the head should be painted over in black.

Step 8

And finally, the final stage of drawing a sparrow is adding two short yellow legs to the bird's body. On each sparrow's foot there are 4 toes: 3 in front and 1 in the back.

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