How To Draw Manga For Beginners

How To Draw Manga For Beginners
How To Draw Manga For Beginners

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Drawing in the technique of Japanese manga today is one of the most popular hobbies among beginners and experienced artists, as well as among fans of the anime genre. Starting with the simplest shapes, you can gradually move on, improving your skill and adding something original and individual to the usual technique. Manga, like any other style of drawing, has certain laws and rules that distinguish this style from all others.

How to draw manga for beginners
How to draw manga for beginners


Step 1

While drawing, observe the proportions and, if necessary, change them, if the drama or comicity of the drawing requires it. When working out the poses of the characters, take into account their character and emotional mood. Although the proportions in manga are often distorted, the artist must use guidelines to maintain the correct body structure of the hero. Always use construction guidelines to avoid mistakes in the construction of your character's body.

Step 2

Start with a light sketchy sketch, and only then move on to detailing. Detail the drawing gradually, moving from simple shapes to complex ones. Add small details at the very end of the drawing.

Step 3

Always show the character of your character in drawing - in manga this aspect is much more pronounced than in other genres of drawing. Try to reveal the character of the character as deeply and vividly as possible, making him an individual. Your characters should be different from each other - both in the shape of the eyes and face, and in clothes, hair and accessories.

Step 4

Never draw manga characters in the same poses and with the same head angles. Make your drawings dynamic - change the poses of the characters, change their facial expressions, show different emotions on their faces. Learn to draw characters' faces from different perspectives and angles. This will create the right mood. The face of a manga character is in contact with the viewer in the first place, and therefore it is very important to demonstrate on the face the full range of emotions that you want to convey with your drawing.

Step 5

When you are completely happy with your sketch, erase unnecessary guidelines and carefully trace the drawing with ink or ink. The contour should be smooth, clear and smooth. Emphasize the key elements of the picture with thicker lines, and more graceful elements can be emphasized with thin lines.

Step 6

Don't forget about human anatomy - in the manga, the structure of the human body is also important for the correct depiction of figures. The arms and legs should be flexed anatomically and in the correct shape.

Step 7

Constantly evaluate your work from a critical point of view, practice, develop technique and look for your own personal drawing style that will set you apart from other manga artists.

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