How To Weave A Bauble

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How To Weave A Bauble
How To Weave A Bauble

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Fenichka is a thin bracelet woven from almost any available material: leather, threads, beads, round glass beads, etc. He came to Europe from the North American Indians, who tied bracelets as a sign of eternal friendship. The donor himself made and tied the bauble with a triple knot, and on the third knot the wish of health and happiness to the recipient of the gift was pronounced. Now, thin bright bracelets are worn in several pieces on one arm to revive the image and emphasize their individuality. Beaded baubles look especially beautiful.

How to weave a bauble
How to weave a bauble


Step 1

Select or draw a bauble outline. Depending on the ornament, decide on the technique in which the bracelet will be made: it can be a mosaic, a “cross” or, as in our case, “Ndebele”.

Step 2

Draw the top horizontal row in the middle of the black strong thread. The beads are arranged in the following order: three black, one wishing, three black, three yellow, three black, three yellow, three black. Then the step of the ornament is repeated. Take 3-4 steps. Finish with three black beads.

Step 3

Go to the last but one dialed bead in reverse order. As a result, the two outermost beads should change their position by 90 °. Walk the entire row in the same way.

Step 4

Weave all rows in accordance with the pattern separately from each other. Then fold them in order and connect vertically with a thread with two needles (you should get an imitation of weaving).

Step 5

Pass a thicker thread through the outer beads on each side, fasten with a knot in the middle. Tie a triple knot around your wrist.

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