How To Knit Three From One Loop

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How To Knit Three From One Loop
How To Knit Three From One Loop

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Hand-knitted things: hats and scarves, blouses and skirts, shawls and scarves will never lose their relevance. Literally every product, knitted by skillful hands, is unique and unique. But this requires only a few skills. But if the simplest methods of knitting hosiery and garter stitches with facial and purl stitches are familiar to many, then more complex elements of the alleged pattern sometimes cause difficulties.

How to knit three from one loop
How to knit three from one loop

It is necessary

Threads, knitting needles, hook


Step 1

For example, sometimes when describing a knitted product, it is indicated that you need to knit three from one loop at once. And this is where doubts and confusion with the pattern arise. But you can perform this element in different ways, both on the needles and crochet.

Step 2

How to knit three from one loop on the needles. Knit according to the scheme with the selected pattern, and after you reach the desired element, pay attention to the technology of its execution.

Step 3

1 way. Work 1 yarn over at work, then knit from the previous row and 1 yarn over again at work. As a result, you will get three loops from one.

Step 4

Method 2. It is carried out similarly to the first method with a slight difference. Do 1 yarn over before work, then pull back a purl from the previous row and then 1 yarn over before work. As a result, it will turn out to knit three from one loop. Before performing this element, test it first on a sample so that the addition of loops fits perfectly into the overall pattern of the product.

Step 5

How to crochet three from one loop. It is known that you can crochet various elements: a column, a double crochet, a double crochet. But regardless of this, in any case, you can knit three from one loop at once. Unlike knitting needles, you can crochet not only 3, but 5-10-12 loops, that is, the amount that is required according to the pattern.

Step 6

Insert the hook into the loop of the previous row, grab the working thread and pull it through the same loop. Then leave the resulting loop on the hook and perform the same manipulations twice in a row in the same loop of the previous row. That is, if a simple column is performed in a regular row sequentially, then in this case all actions are similar, with the difference that three columns are performed from one loop.

Step 7

Knitting three loops from one is one of the simplest elements. However, what a variety it brings to the unique pattern of the product.

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