Jacques Marsal: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Jacques Marsal: Biography, Career, Personal Life
Jacques Marsal: Biography, Career, Personal Life

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Jacques Martial or Jacques Martial is a French actor and film director. From 2006 to 2015, he was President of the Public Institution of the Park and Exhibition Hall Grande de la Villette, and from 2015 President of the ACTe Memorial.

Jacques Marsal: biography, career, personal life
Jacques Marsal: biography, career, personal life


Jacques Marsal was born in November 1955 in Saint-Mandé into a family of parents from Guadeloupe. Jacques has an older brother, Jean-Michel Martial (Martial), who is the President of the Representative Council of the French Abroad.



Jacques Marsal is best known for his role as Bane-Marie in the police TV series Navarro, opposite Roger Hanin. He also often works as a voice actor, widely known in the post-sync world. He regularly dubs actors such as Wesley Snipes in French translation, as well as the first films of Vin Rhames and Denzel Washington.

Jacques Marsal has spent a significant part of his career in theater, teaching, directing and acting. He received his acting and directing education at Sarah Sanders' studio before becoming her assistant. Their collaboration lasted for many years, during which Jacques taught the authors of the repertoire to perform both classics from Jean Racine to Shakespeare, and modern ones from Cesar to Pinter and from Jean-Louis Bourdon to Coltes. At the same time, Marsalle organizes and runs Cayenne Pepper, a series of training and development courses for actors.

At the time, Jacques Marsal established the Rond Point des Cultures, which, in partnership with the Theater du Rond Point and other theaters in Paris, will present a wide range of events highlighting foreign cultures and the work of artists from various minorities.

With the help of the created association, he directed various shows in Paris, such as La Plaule from Pascal Vrebos, The Devil Woman from Mérimée or Carrot Hair from Jules Renard. At the same time, Jacques did not forget his acting career, playing in the "Black Theater" the production of "The Governor of the Dew" directed by Rumen Jacques. He also starred in Broken English at the suggestion of director Michie Gleason.


Jacques Marsal has worked in film with directors as diverse as John Berry in Il Maldon or Claire Devers in Noir et Blanc, which won the 1987 Cannes Film Festival "Camera d'Or" award. He played roles in The Return by Samuel Fuller, Hopeless by Robert Kramer, Walk the Walk by Alain Malin, Adventurer by Jean Galmot, Omnibus by Sam Karman. The last motion picture won the Palme d'Or at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 1993.

At the theater, he played leading roles in productions of James Saunders' Neighbors, Jean-François Prevand's William the First, Links of Blood by Fugard Atoll, Isle of Slaves by Marivaux and many others.


In 2000, Jacques Marsal founded his theater company "The Society of the Black Comedy", in which he himself plays the lead role in the play "Bourse Guadeloupe" by Paul Claudel. He will then play the beggar in Jean Giraud's Elektra, directed by Jean Dalric. In 2002, he starred in the theatrical production of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, opposite Irina Brook.

In 2003, he staged his own interpretation of "Cahier d'un retour au pays natale" by Emma Cesar, with whom he toured all over the world (Guadeloupe, Singapore, Australia, Fiji, New Caledonia, New York, Martinique, Paris and other cities and countries).

Since November 2008, the famous Jacques Marsal has been the announcer of Keep Kids at CSA.

On the recommendation of Minister Renaud Donnedier de Vabra, President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac appoints Jacques Marsal as head of the State Institution “The Park and Main Hall of the Grande de la Villette” effective November 7, 2006. President Nicolas Sarkozy, by his 2010 decree, extended the term of office of Jacques Marsal.

On 15 June 2015, he becomes President of the ACTe Memorial, which has opened its doors on 7 July.


Creativity in cinema and theater

As a dubbing actor, he voiced 7 films by Denzel Washington:

  • Mississippi Masala;
  • Malcolm X;
  • "Fire resistance";
  • "Curfew";
  • Antwone Fisher;
  • "Out of Time";
  • "Man on Fire".

Six Films by Wesley Snipes:

  • New Jack City;
  • “White people can't jump”;
  • "Passenger 57";
  • "Rising Sun";
  • "Destroyer";
  • Murder in the White House.

Four Ving Rhames films:

  • "Princes of the City";
  • "Mission Impossible";
  • "Out of reach";
  • Mission Impossible 2.

Four films by Samuel L. Jackson:

  • "Star Wars. Episode 1: The Phantom Menace ";
  • "Star Wars. Episode 2: Attack of the Clones ";
  • "Star Wars. Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith ";
  • "Star Wars. Episode 4: The Rise of Skywalker. "

And also independently played roles in the following films:

  • School Teacher (1981) directed by Claude Bury, starring Coluche and Josiane Balasco; Marsalle as Leopold;
  • Graduates of the Last Line (1982) directed by Christian Gion, starring Patrick Bruel and Michel Galabrou; Marsalle as Matt;
  • Jules Hearse (1982), directed by Serge Penard, starring Aldo Macquione, Jacques Marsal and Francis Perrin;
  • Noir et Blanc (1986) directed by Claire Devers, starring Catherine Belhoja and Mark Berman, Jacques Marsal as Dominique;
  • Bebe (1987), directed by Christophe Jean-Elie, starring Jacques Marsal, Marc Andreoni and Patrick Baros;
  • The Old Butler (1987) short film by Julia Amed Lau;
  • There Is A Misdemeanor (1988) directed by John Bury, starring Clovis Cornellack and Natalie Gabay, Marsalle as a runner;
  • No Hope of Return (1989) directed by Samuel Fuller, starring Keith Carradine and Valentina Vargas; Marsalle as Gerard;
  • Jean Galmot, Adventurer (1990) directed by Alain Malin, starring Christophe Malava and Roger Hanin; Marsalle as Mayor Govin;
  • Omo Faber (1991) directed by Volker Schlendorff, starring Sam Shepard and Julia Delpy, Marsalle as UNESCO Representative;
  • Omnibus (1992) short film directed by Sam Karman;
  • From Sweat and Blood (1993), directed by Paul Vecchiali, starring Daniel Rialett and Christian Rout; Marsalle as Marcel Mieu;
  • La petite mort (1994) directed by François Ozon;
  • The Walk (1996), directed by Robert Kramer;
  • Antilles on the Seine (2000), directed by Pascal Lepitimous, starring Chantal Lauby and Thierry Derroz; Marsalle as Cicero;
  • Belphegor, the Ghost of the Louvre (2000), directed by Jean-Paul Salomé, starring Sophia Marceau and Frederic Diffenthal; Marsalle as Felix;
  • 2000 Drug Scenarios (2000) is a short film directed by Georges Lautner.

In addition, Jacques Marsal voiced a character named Mace Windu in the Star Wars video games. Galactic Battlegrounds (2002) and Star Wars. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith "(2003).

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