How To Shoot Stars

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How To Shoot Stars
How To Shoot Stars

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A good shot of the night sky is the pride of any photographer. Beginners who try to take a shot most often face problems. In the photo, either blurred spots or a dark sky without stars are obtained. Taking pictures of the stars beautifully requires not only a camera, but also dexterity.

How to shoot stars
How to shoot stars

It is necessary

  • - camera,
  • - flashlight,
  • - tripod,
  • - high-aperture optics.


Step 1

Install the hardware. You will need a flashlight as you will have to work at night.

Step 2

Turn on the camera and set the night mode.

Step 3

Attach a wide-angle lens, set a slow shutter speed and photograph the sky. This will help you capture the stars as light streaks in the dark sky. The stars are displaced due to the rotation of the Earth, and it is impossible to notice this displacement with the naked eye. Only a camera with a long exposure can "catch" it.

Step 4

Connect high-aperture optics (you need a lens with a large aperture). It is advisable to take a lens with a shallower angle than the one used for the previous photographs.

Step 5

Take a picture with a shutter speed of about thirty seconds. By using high-aperture optics, you will have a different type of photograph, in which the stars appear as luminous points against the dark background of the night sky.

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