Why Do Stars Dream

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Why Do Stars Dream
Why Do Stars Dream

Video: Why Do Stars Dream

Video: Why Do Stars Dream
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In dreams, stars almost always symbolize good. In rare cases, such signs can portend trouble. This mainly concerns those dreams in which you see the stars not in the sky, but on the ceiling, hold in your hands, or the sight of the starry sky makes you fear and horror.

Why do the stars dream
Why do the stars dream

Stars on the sky

If in a dream you see a starry sky, when interpreting a dream, it is better to pay attention to some of the nuances. A clear sky with many bright stars is a symbol of joy, fun and new acquaintances. If only one star is clearly visible in the sky, you may feel lonely in the near future.

If the stars are bright in a dream, and their light is even and constant, this is considered a symbol of good news. Dying stars indicate the unpredictability of events that will occur in your life.

A cloudy or hazy sky, where the stars are barely visible, symbolizes sadness and communication with unpleasant people in real life. If at the same time you see a lot of clouds in the sky, soon your mood can significantly deteriorate due to minor problems.

If the stars in the sky sparkle in the literal sense of the word, in reality you are not in danger. Your plans will definitely come true.

In a dream, an absolutely fantastic situation can be dreamed of. For example, if you are walking across the starry sky and at the same time touching the stars with your own hands, in reality you will experience dizzying success. You are likely to get promoted, win big, or get a great deal. Holding a big star in your hands and admiring it - to inheritance, wealth and fame.

If in a dream you dream of bright stars that suddenly appeared in a sunny daytime, this sign is considered to have supernatural abilities or the protection of higher powers. In reality, you are very happy and you should not worry at all.

Caution Stars

It is believed that a shooting star gives a person a chance to make a secret wish. In dreams, a star falling is a bad sign. This can be a harbinger of the death of one of your friends or relatives, a serious illness or other unpleasant events. In addition, if during the fall of a star you see a long "tail", then in the near future you will be subject to numerous stress or even depression.

In the old days, it was believed that a star falling on the roof of a house in a dream warns of a fire or an unexpected move of its owners.

If you saw stars in a dream on the ceiling of your or someone else's house, in reality this does not bode well. A family living in an apartment seen may experience tragic events. For example, illness, money loss, damage from theft.

Stars in dreams can be reincarnated. For example, if they become dust, it is considered a harbinger of failure, loss and damage. If the star suddenly became a stone, then some bad news from distant relatives is possible.

Other stars

If you see a TV star in a dream, for example, a singer, actor or public figure, then in reality you lack confidence in your abilities. A celebrity seems to point you to life's failures and ridiculous mistakes.

A starfish in a dream is a very good sign. This is a symbol of a change in life for the better, a sign of rebirth. In some situations, starfish hint with their presence in a dream about an upcoming pregnancy.