How To Take A Studio Photo

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How To Take A Studio Photo
How To Take A Studio Photo

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Studio photographs are distinguished not only by the quality of performance, but also by thoughtful staging. For aspiring photographers, they can serve as a good filling for a portfolio. But due to inexperience, they may face the problem of how to take a studio photo.

How to take a studio photo
How to take a studio photo


Step 1

Decide on the rental studio in which you will work. An inexpensive, but nevertheless, option that meets the minimum requirements is suitable for a start. There is no point in spending money on a chic room furnished with appliances and accessories in full. Chances are, you won't be using most of them anyway. Next, you need to choose a model.

Step 2

If the goal of your event is to fill your own portfolio, then a person with whom you will feel as comfortable as possible, to whom you can give commands and orders without any hesitation, is best suited as a model. This will allow you to work more efficiently. This role is best suited to someone from your acquaintances with whom you have already had communication.

Step 3

In any case, negotiate the shooting conditions in advance so that it does not come as a surprise to the model that she was working for free. In addition, agree on such points as the further use of photographs, their publication on the Internet or in print media.

Step 4

Make homework. Consider several scenarios for capturing images for the model. Even if you shoot to order, and your client, according to his assurances, has ready-made ideas for shooting, do not bother to come up with your own. Work should be approached responsibly.

Step 5

Take care of shooting accessories. Again, if the client took it upon himself, you should have a duty kit that you know exactly how to work with. Customer-selected accessories may surprise you and your shooting may be at risk.

Step 6

If your financial situation does not allow you to rent a studio, you can also shoot at home. The main thing in this case is to properly prepare the room. Organize the background. For this, for example, a single color fabric is suitable. Lighting is of course essential. Pay attention to this, you cannot do without professional lighting fixtures and accessories. But the preparation work is compensated by good photographs that are not inferior to those taken in a real studio.

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