What A Zombie Looks Like In Minecraft

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What A Zombie Looks Like In Minecraft
What A Zombie Looks Like In Minecraft

Video: What A Zombie Looks Like In Minecraft

Video: What A Zombie Looks Like In Minecraft
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Zombies are the most common type of monster in Minecraft. They are not very dangerous alone, but large groups of zombies can cause significant damage to the player.

What a zombie looks like in Minecraft
What a zombie looks like in Minecraft


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There are several types of zombies - common, zombie villagers, and child zombies. Pig zombies also exist in the Lower World, but it is almost impossible to meet them in the ordinary world.

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All types of zombies in the game have a humanoid model, that is, they look like ordinary people. Simple zombies differ from living characters in greenish skin, their facial features are drawn very roughly, their eyes and nose are horizontal dark lines. Zombies are usually dressed in blue pants and blue shirts, but in some cases they can appear wearing armor.

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Zombies appear in small groups in dark areas of the map, their number rarely exceeds 3 individuals. Of course, we are not talking about monster spawners or spawners, which constantly create zombies at a given frequency.

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After a zombie spots a player or an ordinary villager, he begins to chase them, trying to avoid obstacles on the way. Zombies do not perceive water as an obstacle, perhaps because it saves them from the sun, since under its direct rays these monsters light up.

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Zombie villagers are much less common. They make up only 5% of all zombies. Their behavior is no different from that of ordinary monsters, but they can be recognized by their larger facial features - a hooked nose and large eyes. Ordinary villagers can turn into monsters if they are killed by zombies, on normal difficulty the probability of infection is 50%, on hard - 100%.

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The latest versions of the game have added zombie kids and zombie villagers-kids. Both those and others outwardly differ from the "adult" versions of zombies exclusively in size in one block, while they have a number of unique abilities.

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Child zombies are quite dangerous monsters as they move much faster than adult zombies. It should be noted that these monsters can also wear armor and use weapons that simply shrink to their size. Zombie babies do not burn in the sun and cannot grow up.

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Recently, a new very rare monster has appeared in the game - the zombie rider. The chance of his appearing in the game is 1 in 2000. He looks like a zombie child riding a chicken and has a high movement speed. Like other zombie kids, zombie rider doesn't burn in the sun.

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Zombie Pigmen can be found in the Nether. Their skin is pink, like that of pigs, covered with a green liquid. When killing a zombie pigman, a gold nugget falls out of it. Usually these zombies appear in groups of 4 to 10 individuals, if they are not attacked, they remain neutral to the player. If you attack at least one of them, the whole group begins to hunt for the player.