How To Knit Jacquard

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How To Knit Jacquard
How To Knit Jacquard

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Jacquard patterns are a wonderful decoration for knitted garments. They got their name in honor of the weaver Jacquard, who lived in France in the 18th century, who invented a loom on which it was possible to weave a cloth with a similar pattern. Since then, the multicolor pattern, knitted with the front satin stitch, also began to be called jacquard. Such motifs can revive the simplest sweater, jumper, vest or dress. However, it takes some experience to knit a jacquard pattern, although even a beginner knitter can learn how to do this.

How to knit jacquard
How to knit jacquard

It is necessary

  • - yarn of 2 or more colors;
  • - straight knitting needles.


Step 1

The simplest jacquard pattern is knitted from two balls of different colors. Choose a pattern that suits you, or draw your own on a checkered piece of paper, where one box matches one buttonhole. These can be geometric shapes, images of animals, plants, snowflakes, and so on.

Step 2

If this is your first experience of knitting jacquard patterns, then before you start knitting things, practice on the pattern. Knit one front row and one purl row with a thread of the main color, and, starting from the 3rd row, knit a jacquard pattern.

Step 3

Count the loops from right to left. Knit several loops (according to the picture) in one color, then take a ball of a different color, and do not tear the first thread. Hold the broken thread on the index finger of your left hand a little further from the working thread.

Step 4

After knitting several loops in the second color, change the thread. Now the thread that was not working becomes working. Place it on the index finger of your left hand closer to knitting. Work in a similar manner to the end of the row.

Step 5

Please note that one or two rapports are indicated on the diagram. They should be repeated to the end of the row. In the purl row, knit all the loops according to the pattern, crossing them, as described above. Knit the next front row, counting all the loops in the diagram.

Step 6

Always make sure that the threads on the seamy side do not sag and do not tighten the ornament. If in the next row it will be necessary to change the main color, then knit the extreme edge loop with threads from both balls.

Step 7

After learning how to knit two-tone patterns, move on to more complex ornaments. The rules for knitting a multi-color pattern are the same. Only on the finger should all the threads be placed in a given sequence. First the working one, then the thread of the next color, and so on. To avoid tangling the tangles, place them in a tall basket or saucepan.

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