How To Decorate A Chandelier

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How To Decorate A Chandelier
How To Decorate A Chandelier

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It is not very difficult to give a chandelier an unusual look. A lightweight aluminum frame, which is fixed above the bulb holder, can serve as a simple basis for it. It can be decorated in many different ways. For example, pendants made of beads and beads.

How to decorate a chandelier
How to decorate a chandelier

It is necessary

  • - acrylic lacquer;
  • - thin wire or fishing line;
  • - beads;
  • - beads;
  • - black acrylic glass contour;
  • - stained glass paints;
  • - brush;
  • - LED garlands.


Step 1

Cover the luminaire frame with acrylic varnish in several layers. Use a flexible thin wire or strong fishing line for the hangers.

Step 2

Cut the wire into pieces that are twice the length of the intended hanger. Take a large bead of any shape and slide it over the wire, sliding it in the middle.

Step 3

Fold the ends of the line or wire together and twist. This large bead will serve as an end stop for the pendant.

Step 4

String beads and small beads. Fill the pendant with them. At the end of the hanger, leave free space for anchoring on the frame.

Step 5

Make several pendants in the same way. The more there are, the more spectacular the chandelier will look. Fasten all manufactured hangers to the frame.

Step 6

If your chandelier has shades, then apply images of flowers on them. First make the drawing with a permanent marker in the same color as the glass. Outline it. Erase the excess lines with a cotton swab and moisten it with an alcohol-based solution. Not covered with a marker, they will disappear.

Step 7

An hour later, when the contour is dry, start painting with stained glass paints of different colors. Paint the middle of the flowers with yellow paint.

Step 8

Color the flower petals with purple and blue. Paint only the area bounded by the outline.

Step 9

When rinsing the brush with water, be sure to wipe it dry. Water should not get into the paint can and onto the drawing.

Step 10

Draw the leaves with green paint. Depending on how the paints are applied, hold the flooded areas of the drawing vertically or horizontally. Fill the spaces between the colors with yellow paint.

Step 11

A very simple option is a chandelier decorated with New Year's garlands. LED garlands are very densely hung on the dome-shaped frame. They simultaneously serve as a source of light and an element of decor.

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