Alexey Neklyudov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

Alexey Neklyudov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life
Alexey Neklyudov: Biography, Creativity, Career, Personal Life

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Alexei Neklyudov is not known to the broad masses of viewers of modern television, but his voice is familiar to everyone. It is this actor, television and radio presenter who has been the official voice of the main television channel in Russia - First for many years.

Alexey Neklyudov: biography, creativity, career, personal life
Alexey Neklyudov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

As the official voice of Channel One, Alexei Neklyudov is absolutely not public. Few of those who hear him every day know any facts from his biography, his successes in creativity, the nuances of his personal life. In fact, this person is unique both in life and in the profession.

Biography of Alexei Neklyudov

Alexey Neklyudov was born on the last day of July in 1963, into the family of an opera singer and journalist. He dreamed of acting from early childhood, and in 1985 his dream came true - he entered the theater after completing the course under the direction of Markov of the acting school-studio at the Moscow Art Theater. A young man with a bright appearance and a unique, charming voice was noticed, and he got significant roles, he was invited to four theaters at once:

  • named after Pushkin,
  • "Satyricon",
  • "Snuffbox",
  • Army Theater.

His professional interests were not limited to theater walls. He took part in the KVN games, where he successfully showed his parody talent, hosted his own program on one of the radio channels, was engaged in voice acting for foreign and Russian films. For example, in the film "Pathfinder" (1987), the hero of Andrei Mironov speaks in his voice, he read the offscreen text in Bekmambetov's "Patrols".

Since 1998, Alexey Neklyudov has been the official voice of Channel One. His task is to attract and hold the viewer's attention, intrigue him with the announcement of new films and programs, and he succeeds. The intrigue was created around the actor himself - everyone knows his voice, everyone loves him and admires him, but his face is always behind the scenes, in the shadows.

Personal life of Alexey Neklyudov

Alexey Neklyudov is the best and most successful audio brand in Russia. Communicating daily with the audience, being present in the space of their life, he skillfully hides everything connected with his personal life. Who is the wife of Alexei Neklyudov? Does he have children and how many are there?

Alexey Neklyudov is married to a theater actress, a graduate of GITIS, Svetlana Rudakova. The marriage lasts nearly 30 years. The couple have a daughter - Masha. The girl has not yet decided what professional path she should take in life, but she loves humorous and informative programs very much, and the nominal First Channel. Alexey himself is ironic about this, but notes that there are many talented people among the favorites of his daughter's TV presenters.

Neklyudov's wife is in demand in the theater, she has both minor and main roles in theatrical productions. The daughter is completing compulsory secondary education. There is no information about her future plans. The Neklyudovs do not want to let journalists and media into their personal space, and this is their right, which fans treat with respect and understanding.

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