How To Lure A Goose With A Decoy

How To Lure A Goose With A Decoy
How To Lure A Goose With A Decoy

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Fans of hunting wild geese know a lot about how to correctly imitate the necessary sounds to lure a bird. A decoy is just one of the tools of the numerous arsenal of hunters. Hunting with decoys is most often carried out on gray geese. This product is made even from very rare wood species, and each of the decoys undergoes its own, special sound tuning.

How to lure a goose with a decoy
How to lure a goose with a decoy


Step 1

Conventionally, a decoy consists of several parts: a barrel and an insert (the main sound-reproducing part). There is also an assortment of electronic decoys. But they have a limited field of activity, because when using it, an echo is created, and geese can feel it. If you want to try decoys as a means of luring, then remember that the geese do not just scream, they also talk among themselves, so here you need to be able to properly manipulate the decoy to make the imitation believable.

Step 2

Therefore, ideally, you need an ear for music and a good memory in order to remember and in the future accurately reproduce the calls of geese. Due to the presence of these qualities, you will not scare away the goose. When working with decoys, it is important to remember that the melody, sound and pitch matter. After all, different breeds of geese may have their own special "dialect". For the correct reproduction of such sounds on decoys, audio recordings of bird voices are often very used.

Step 3

An experienced hunter will always prefer a decoy with a constant setting rather than a variable one, because there is a high probability that a failure may occur. You need to store the decoy in a soft bag, protecting it from strong blows. In this case, the decoy can last for more than a decade.

Step 4

Directly on the hunt, attach the decoy with a short cord to your outerwear or collar. This is necessary so that he does not knock or bang on buttons or, for example, binoculars.

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