How To Blind A Cat

How To Blind A Cat
How To Blind A Cat

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Cats are amazingly graceful and beautiful creatures. Cats also do an excellent job of playing the role of pets. And if you want to make a figurine of this noble animal from plasticine, there is nothing complicated about it. And you yourself will have fun, and you will please the child.

How to blind a cat
How to blind a cat


Step 1

Prepare plasticine for modeling in gray, black, orange, white or another color (depending on what color you want to give your plasticine cat). A little green plasticine (for the eyes), a match, a stack or a stationery knife.

Step 2

Take a solid piece of plasticine of the chosen color and use a stack or knife to divide it into three pieces of equal size. Now roll from the first and second parts into a ball, and divide the third into six small parts (also the same), from which again roll the balls. Large balls will be, respectively, the head and body, and small balls - paws, tail, ears and cheeks of the cat.

Step 3

Roll a not very long sausage from one large ball - this will be the body. Place the second ball on a match and connect it to the body. Then take four small balls, roll them into a sausage from each - these will be the legs of the animal. Attach the legs where they should be. Then roll another sausage from the fifth ball. It should be longer than the paws and thinner. Stick the ponytail in place. It remains to work on the cat's face, which is not there yet.

Step 4

From the last small ball of plasticine, split off two pieces, stick them to the muzzle so that you get the cheeks of the animal. Peel off another piece, form a triangle from it with slightly rounded edges - this will be a nose. Now roll two tiny balls out of green plasticine and stick them in place of the eyes. To make the pupils, you can take a couple of grains of semolina, millet or other cereal.

Step 5

It remains to round off the animal's tail, outline the antennae with a toothpick or a stack, the direction of the cat's fur, and mark the toes. On this, the cat figurine can be considered finished. Next time you won’t think long about how to mold a cat or cat figurine.

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