How To Tie An Earflap

How To Tie An Earflap
How To Tie An Earflap

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Ushanka of the classical form - with ears and a lapel - can be female and male. A female model can be decorated with a pattern, and a hat for men can be made in a simplified version. In order to knit an earflap with knitting needles, you do not need a special pattern.

How to tie an earflap
How to tie an earflap


Step 1

Determine the size and design of the main pattern. Select the yarn of the required thickness and color, determine the knitting density. When deciding on the main pattern, keep in mind that earflaps look best with vertical ornaments on the ears and horizontal stripes on the lapel. Hats with patterns of braids, bouclé models and earflaps made of yarn with long shaggy pile look beautiful.

Step 2

Start knitting with earflaps from the ears. Determine the desired width of the part and cast on the appropriate number of loops (14-26 standard). Knit the first 10 rows with the addition of loops on both sides in odd rows - so your ears will turn out to be tapered. Tie both ears of the required length separately, knitting them with the chosen main pattern.

Step 3

Perform a visor (lapel). The length of the visor can be determined by measuring the distance from temple to temple and making an increase in the loops necessary to fully accommodate the ornament. Work 15-20 rows in a basic pattern and leave the loops open. You can knit a hat with earflaps without a lapel.

Step 4

Connect the lugs and visor. Cast on one knitting needle first the loops from the right ear, then knit the lower part of the visor, turning it open with the open loops up. Finish this step with a set of loops on the second eyelet on the same knitting needle. The upper loops of the visor can be closed and sewn separately to the fabric of a ready-made hat, or immediately knit them in the form of a thickening.

Step 5

Knit the main fabric of the cap. Cast on more loops for the back of the cap and knit in a circle. The main pattern can be placed on the front of the earflaps or on the sides. Finish knitting by forming the desired shape of the hat. Knit 12-15 centimeters (depending on the size of the head) of the fabric and begin to evenly decrease the loops in the purl rows. As you decrease the loops, knit a few more centimeters, then pull off the remaining number of loops and secure the thread.

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