How To Make A Good Knife

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How To Make A Good Knife
How To Make A Good Knife

Video: How To Make A Good Knife

Video: How To Make A Good Knife
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In order to make a good knife with your own hands, it is not necessary to be a blacksmith's master or a turner-milling cutter of the eighth grade. And the process of making this item can bring considerable creative satisfaction.

How to make a good knife
How to make a good knife


Step 1

A good utility knife should have both a comfortable handle and a sharp blade. But first, choose the grade of steel from which the knife will be made. For example, steel grade 95X18SH, used in the manufacture of bearings, is distinguished by enviable strength. Steel grade 65G is used in the industry in the manufacture of springs and a knife made from it will be great for shredding vegetables and meat, but, unfortunately, it will quickly rust.

Step 2

The knife handle is best made of oak. It is both solid and durable. But in the event that you decide to dry the blanks for the handle yourself, do not overdo it when drying, because the tree may crack.

Step 3

Use the most common equipment for making a knife. File, file, drill, abrasive wheel attached to the rotor of the electric motor

Step 4

Before starting work, determine the design of the future knife. The steel plate should be measured on the basis of: blade plus? metal for the handle. In this case, the length of the handle should be at least? on the length of the blade.

Step 5

Using a file and a file, grind the blade blank, make holes for fastening the knife in the handle. On the circle, grind the workpiece, checking the sharpness of the blade.

Step 6

Place the finished knife in the handle, having previously drilled holes in it with a drill. Connect the two halves of the handle together and fix the blade in it with rivets.

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