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Who Is Nikita Isaev
Who Is Nikita Isaev

Video: Who Is Nikita Isaev

Video: Who Is Nikita Isaev

Isaev Nikita Olegovich is a public figure, laid the basic knowledge for many entrepreneurs in modern Russia. He was a member of the United Russia party.


Isaev Nikita Olegovich is the Director of the Institute of Contemporary Economics, PhD in Law and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding company Prime Group.

Nikita Olegovich is a native Muscovite and was born in 1978 into a large family, where, in addition to Nikita, there were already 5 children. The Isaev family lived in a communal apartment.

The school where Nikita Isaev studied had a legal bias. The famous poetess Marina Tsvetaeva studied at the same school number 325. School number 325 from 1995 to 2001 had the official status of the best school in the country. Nikita graduated with a silver medal in 1995 and was an outstanding student. Nikita himself stated that already at the age of 13 he made a conscious choice about his further education, namely, entering the Moscow State Law Academy.

Nikita Isaev's career

In 1997, Isaev created a training center to acquire the necessary knowledge in the field of finance. The training center was designed for entrepreneurs who were just emerging as a class in modern Russia and did not have the required amount of applied knowledge in financial and related fields.

A year later, that is, in 1998, Isaev begins to engage in youth policy, heading in March 1999 the public organization "Fund for Support of Young Leaders". The main task of Isaev as a leader was the formation of a new style of thinking among young specialists, which would allow making the right decisions during the crisis. Isaev himself later noted that it was at this stage of his biography that he realized that his vocation was crisis management.

In 2000, Isaev began his legal practice in the field of insurance, taking the place of the head of the IC "National Insurance Group". 2000 to 2004 Isaev's career was directly related to work in the segment of insurance services.

Entrepreneurial activity

In 2004, Isaev established his own insurance company, Prime Insurance, targeting the premium segment. It took less than 3 years to transform the IC into a holding, which included Russian and foreign ICs, insurance brokers and other organizations related to insurance.

In 2006, Isaev expanded his business by opening the Prime Group holding. It united construction, trade organizations, as well as housing and communal services, education, media, development and oil trading.

Political activity

Since 2017, he has been the head of the New Russia social and political movement. Isaev made this decision after he was removed from participation in the United Russia primaries. United Russia officials called his position tough and unethical, while Isayev claimed that he was only criticizing the government's refusal to reform economic. From 2006 to 2015, he was a member of the United Russia party. The state service demanded to leave entrepreneurial activity.

Social activity

Since 2006, Isaev has been involved in social activities in the fields of business education, children and youth sports, and youth policy. The result of his work was a number of projects aimed at improving education, etc. In 2011, Isaev left government service and political activity, again starting to engage in business.

Teaching activities

In 2001, he taught "business law" and taught legal courses at the Department of Law at the Russian State Technical University.

In 2015, he founded the Institute of Contemporary Economics on the basis of the Youth Business School. The task of the Institute is to be a discussion platform for solving economic and socio-political issues. Institute with public and state organizations. Isaev himself is its leader.

Personal life

Isaev has two daughters: Alisa (born in 2001) and Vita (born in 2012).

Isaev N. O. website - instaeco.ru

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