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Most Anticipated Movies Of
Most Anticipated Movies Of

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In 2018, it is planned to release many of the premiere films, which are expected by millions of moviegoers. The TOP of the best films of 2018 includes films starring the most popular star actors, and the forecast for the box office will break all records of the past.

Most Anticipated Film of 2018 - Ocean's Eight
Most Anticipated Film of 2018 - Ocean's Eight

List of the best films predicted by video critics

Film "Mary Magdalene"

The start of the show is from 05/05/2018.

The film is offered to viewers and moviegoers by director from Australia Garth Davis. This is a sensational adaptation of the story of Mary Magdalene, a new interpretation of the author's reading of the Bible with Rooney Mara in the leading role - Mary. And Australian actor Joaquin Phoenix played the role of Christ in one of the most anticipated films of 2018.

Film "Dangerous Business"

The start of the show is from 05/19/2018.

This is a black comedy about the loser Harold, played by David Oyelowo along with the stunning actress Charlize Theron. By the way, here she plays the role of a representative of a company that sends the would-be hero to Mexico, where he falls into the hands of drug dealers. This highly anticipated film is the result of the creation of Australian director Nash Edgerton. By the way, his famous brother-actor Joel Edgerton also starred in the film.

Movie "Red Sparrow"

The start of the show from 05/26/2018.

A real thriller about the adventures of an intelligence officer from Russia. He is played by the famous American actor Jennifer Lawrence. The ballerina Dominica is subdued by a CIA spy named Joel Edgerton. But she pledged to keep an eye on him. Jeremy Irons played the role of General Vladimir Korchnoi. And another actor, Kiaran Hinds, played a man with a sonorous surname Zyuganov. Critics predict the spectacularity of "Red Sparrow", tk. filmed by the director of the film "I Am Legend" - Francis Lawrence.

Film "Deadpool-2"

The start of the show from 05/31/2018.

The sparkling humorist Wade Wilson once again pleases the audience of big cinema, but in a completely different setting. Back in 2016, Ryan Reynolds demonstrated by his own example how to make a high-quality funny movie about legendary superheroes. Then, in 2017, Disney buys Deadpool's Fox Studios, which means he's going to meet up with fellow Marvel Studios. However, as of today, nothing has changed. After all, the new sequel was filmed by the old author of "John Wick" and "Explosive Blonde". And, as you know, David Leitch has a sparkling humor and an original approach to presenting events in films.

Film "Jurassic World-2"

The show starts on May 7, 2018.

The first part of the updated novelty, which is a remake of the legendary film, raised more than $ 1.6 billion at the box office, having deservedly taken the honorable 4th place in the TOP of the most profitable films in the history of cinema. The sequel was on the way. Only two years old, and we have a new film with a new script. But the main danger in it no longer comes from people, and not even from dinosaurs. And from the awakened old volcano. The sequel to the most anticipated cult film of the year will feature the newly famous and beloved Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The movie is expected to beat the ratings, perhaps all the new releases of the year!

The film "Ocean's Eight"

The show will start on 05/21/2018.

A real killer Ghostbusters-style action game. The most popular actresses for today starred in a female and at the same time fascinating film for men: Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter. Their heroines came up with something to steal during a ball organized at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Did they succeed? You will know when you come to the cinema for Ocean Eight!

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