How To Register Ownership Of A Garage

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How To Register Ownership Of A Garage
How To Register Ownership Of A Garage

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The process of registering ownership of the garage for all owners of this property is mandatory. Thus, the owners receive all legal rights and documents for transactions on this object (purchase, donation, exchange, sale, etc.). Of course, taking into account the mentality and survivals of the capitalism of our country, for this you will have to be patient, to defend more than one line, to collect a whole pile of papers and to run to various authorities. But there is no need to postpone this procedure until later, because this step will help you avoid many problems.

How to register ownership of a garage
How to register ownership of a garage


Step 1

The first step in the procedure for registering a garage in ownership will be to appeal to the chairman of the garage (garage-building) cooperative with the requirement to write you a certificate that you are a member of the Civil Code and pay the corresponding share contribution in one hundred percent. This certificate must be signed by your neighbors from four sides (back, front, left, right), a pair of seals (one standard, one certifying signature), the signature of the chairman and chief accountant of the cooperative.

Step 2

Next, submit an application to the Bureau of Technical Inventory to draw up a technical plan for the garage (having paid for this service in advance and providing a receipt).

Step 3

After inspecting your garage, the expert will give you a cadastral passport containing all the technical characteristics and parameters of the property.

Step 4

In addition to the above documents, prepare copies of the civil passport of the owner of the garage, your passport, a certificate of land allocation to your GC and go to the Companies House. In this state institution, if you wish, you can use the paid services of a specialist who will assist in checking the collected documents, as well as writing an application and paying the state duty.

Step 5

It is extremely important to correctly formulate the statement, namely the motivation part, where you must describe all the facts on the basis of which you own the garage. This application (two copies) with all attached copies of documents must be handed over to the office, on your copy put a stamp with the number assigned to you.

Step 6

After submitting an application and other necessary documents to the Registration Chamber, it takes about one month before you can become the proud owner of a certificate of state registration of ownership of the garage.

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