How To Increase Fps In Minecraft

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How To Increase Fps In Minecraft
How To Increase Fps In Minecraft

Video: How To Increase Fps In Minecraft

Video: How To Increase Fps In Minecraft
Video: How To INCREASE Your FPS In Minecraft! ANY VERSION! (Updated 2021 Tutorial) 2023, December

Many Minecraft lovers are faced with the fact that they cannot fully enjoy the gameplay. The game hangs an infinite number of times, the graphics are not displayed perfectly. It should not be forgotten that Minecraft is not a very heavy game and is suitable even for not the most modern computers. How to fix lags in it and improve its graphical characteristics?

After increasing fps
After increasing fps

It is necessary

  • - Java settings
  • - Game Booster program
  • - OptiFine mod


Step 1

If you are experiencing the aforementioned problems with fps (frame rate per second - it is it that in many cases is "guilty" of freezing your favorite game), first pay attention to the Java settings. Often, even the owners of very powerful computers, with the incorrect operation of this software platform, face countless lags in Minecraft. Sometimes the catch is that the drivers do not match the bitness of your Windows. Right-click on "My Computer", select the "Properties" tab and find out if you have a 32- or 64-bit system. Remove the drivers that do not match this indicator and install the ones that are adequate to it.

Step 2

If it turns out that the problem is completely different: the software is suitable for the bitness of Windows, and fps in Minecraft is still far from the norm, check if enough RAM is allocated for Java. Access the control panel of this software product as follows. When you have XP - through the C drive or Explorer, and in Windows 7 - through the control panel (through the start menu of the computer). Open the Java control panel, in it - the tab of the same name and click View there. There should be only one line in the window that appears. If there are more than one, uninstall Java and install a more modern version.

Step 3

Now again, in the same way, go to the control panel of the aforementioned software platform and in an empty line with Runtime Parameters, enter the required parameters of the RAM. They depend on the total amount of RAM on the computer. For example, if it is 4 GB, specify the following values: -Xms1024M -Xmx3072M. The first number will correspond to the minimum amount of "RAM", and the second - the maximum allocated for the game. However, the above values will come in handy if you have 64-bit Windows. When there are only 32 bits, specify -Xmx no more than 1 gigabyte (for example, 972M).

Step 4

After all the above changes, click OK and then Apply. After that, Minecraft should work for you much faster and without lags. However, if nothing changes in this regard, try installing a special program - Game Booster. It defragments game files and folders, disables unnecessary applications and cleans up RAM, freeing up previously unused volumes and thereby increasing fps. In addition, it automatically searches and updates the drivers necessary for the fastest operation of game programs.

Step 5

Take advantage of the dedicated OptiFine mod to significantly increase your game performance. Install it in any way suitable for its version (for example, for 1.6.2_C4 and higher, upload the contents of the archive with the above-mentioned plugin to the mods of your Minecraft Forge). Adjust the distance of drawing the image, the level of anti-aliasing of the lighting, methods of loading chunks and a number of other graphical parameters in the game menu. Now, when you go into the gameplay, you will have it without the hated lags.