How To Play Magic The Gathering

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How To Play Magic The Gathering
How To Play Magic The Gathering

Video: How To Play Magic The Gathering

Video: How To Play Magic The Gathering
Video: How to Play Magic: The Gathering 2023, June

Magic the gathering is a popular collectible card game with thousands of fans around the world. Its essence lies in the struggle between players to capture land cards. This will be done with the help of various fantasy creatures, each of which is unique and allows the player to form only his own deck of cards.

How to play Magic the gathering
How to play Magic the gathering

It is necessary

  • - Deck of playing cards Magic the gathering
  • - Second player (or several)
  • - Paper
  • - Pen or pencil


Step 1

Mark 20 lives for each player on a piece of paper. After that, determine the order of play of the participants in the game. Shuffle your deck of cards and draw 7 cards blindly. Each of the players does the same.

Step 2

Start the first phase of your turn by revealing all permanet cards in your hand. After that, if any, cards with events that occur once in 1 turn are played. Then, if this is not the first turn, each player must draw 1 card from his deck.

Step 3

The second phase gives players the opportunity to prepare for battle. To do this, write on a piece of paper the spells and abilities of the creatures applied by the respective player. Now, depending on the order of your move, place a land card on the battlefield for which the battle will take place. If the player in progress does not have this card, the next player in the order of the game places it on the battlefield.

Step 4

Everything is now ready for the combat phase. Divide your creature cards into attackers and blockers. Decide which of the rivals your creatures will attack. To do this, show the attacked player the spells you have already recorded and the abilities of the creatures you sent into battle. The enemy, in turn, must present you with retaliatory spells.

Step 5

Now compare the parameters of the cards of your attacking and enemy blocking creatures. Those with less defense than the opponent's attack receive damage equal to the difference between these parameters. If the damage is greater than or equal to the creature's “life”, it is considered killed and removed from the battlefield. If the creature is just injured, leave it in the deck and on the next turn it will be completely healthy. Record the received damage on a piece of paper, subtracting them from the player's 20 initial lives.

Step 6

The land card for which the battle took place is taken by the winning player. Each turn he receives from it the bonuses and resources described in it. After that, each of the players discards the spent cards of creatures and spells from their hands. If by the end of your turn you have more than 7 cards left, select and discard the extra cards.

Step 7

The next turn goes to the other player. He must repeat all of the above actions already in relation to you. Creature cards that you set as blockers before your attack will now be attacked by your opponent's creatures. Apply retaliatory spells, try to minimize the loss of your creatures and save as many of your lives as possible. The player whose lives come down to 0 is considered a loser.

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