How To Learn Magic Tricks At Home

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How To Learn Magic Tricks At Home
How To Learn Magic Tricks At Home

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"Sleight of hand and no fraud" - this phrase has become the unofficial motto of magicians. After all, it costs a lot to make a person believe that you are a magician who works wonders. On the one hand, magic tricks are hard work that requires many years of preparation. On the other hand, this is just a matter of technology. For example, there are many simple tricks that will pleasantly surprise others, but you will not spend a lot of time studying them.

How to learn magic tricks at home
How to learn magic tricks at home


Step 1

There is a simple ruler trick. It is designed for the surprise effect. There is no need for long preparations or any introductory words. Just hide the ruler in your right sleeve, stand with your right side to the audience, extend your left hand, touch your left hand sharply with your right palm and bend your right arm at the elbow so that the palm moves to the chest. The ruler remains in the left hand.

Step 2

Focus with cards. We invite the interlocutor to pull out a card from the deck (absolutely any), ask him to remember it, and tell him to put it at the very bottom of the deck. We carefully shuffle the cards. We turn them over with their shirts down and begin to lay out one by one on the table. This is done until we see the card that lay at the very bottom of the deck, and on top of which our interlocutor put his own. Once we have drawn this card, the next card next to it will be our opponent's drawn card.

Step 3

Trick with a candle. It will take time and glue. Everything is done simply - before the guests arrive, we light a candle, let it burn a little. A kind of depression is formed under the wick. We extinguish the candle. We drain the melted wax, and in its place we fill in transparent glue (you can buy this in almost any stationery store). When the spectators come, light a candle, pretend to concentrate energy, and with slow movements at a distance make the candle go out. And it will really go out. After all, the wick burns out, therefore, the glue becomes closer, and as a result, it will not allow the wick to burn further.

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