How To Make A Bouquet For A Bride

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How To Make A Bouquet For A Bride
How To Make A Bouquet For A Bride

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It is impossible to imagine a joyful and beautiful wedding without the classic bridal bouquet - even if the bride does not observe tradition and does not throw the bouquet to her bridesmaids, this element of the wedding image remains as obligatory and unchanged as a wedding dress and a wedding ring. That is why the selection of a wedding bouquet should be treated responsibly and creatively. In this article, you will learn how to make a beautiful and stylish round bouquet for the bride.

How to make a bouquet for a bride
How to make a bouquet for a bride


Step 1

To create such a bouquet, you will need a round plastic bag, a floral sponge, or an Oasis, and of course, flowers, greenery and decorative elements.

Step 2

Fill the handle of the bouquets with a floral sponge. Also, a piece of a round-shaped floral sponge should be placed in the lattice of the bouquette box above the handle, after dipping the sponge into water. After it is completely saturated, place it under the grill of the bouquette holder and fix it with a thin wire.

Step 3

Wrap the handle of the bouquets with double-sided tape, and then with narrow and thin leaves of greenery, placing them crosswise on the handle. Then braid the handle over the stems with a nice twisted cord. Also, the plastic handle of the bouquette holder can be decorated with a satin ribbon, braid and any decorative cord.

Step 4

Begin to form a bouquet with a frame of decorative greenery. Choose greens of different lengths and textures to make the bouquet look more interesting. Having made a beautiful frame, pick flowers of the right color scheme and the right size, observing style and grace, and also try to make a bouquet of two types of flowers in contrasting shades.

Step 5

Cut the flowers, leaving no more than 6 cm of the stem, and insert them in a circle into the floral sponge. Add stalks of airy greens between the flowers.

Step 6

Then move on to the next circle - fill the bouquet with larger and smaller flowers until you reach the top. Finish the bouquet with long graceful stalks of grass hanging from the bouquets and, if desired, decorate the bouquet with crystals.

Step 7

As you can see, creating a wedding bouquet is not difficult - just connect your imagination and you can come up with new combinations of colors and styles in which you can make a bouquet.

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