How To Apply Stickers

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How To Apply Stickers
How To Apply Stickers

Video: How To Apply Stickers

Video: How To Apply Stickers
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In the modern world, stickers can be found at every step: on the street, at home, in the subway or office. They are popular with both children and adults. Children love stickers with the characters of their favorite cartoons, images of animals, fairy-tale characters, all kinds of equipment. They stick them everywhere: on tiles, refrigerators, cabinet doors, headboards and other surfaces. Adults use them at work and at home.

How to apply stickers? It depends on their purpose.

How to apply stickers
How to apply stickers

It is necessary

  • - album / notebook;
  • - paper;
  • - soft cloth / cloth;
  • - surface degreasing agent.


Step 1

Buy the stickers your child likes from the store. When you come home, invite him to stick them on an album, on paper or favorite toys, with a suitable surface. To do this, gently pry off the corner of the sticker, gently peel it off the paper surface, apply to the selected place and smooth it out.

Step 2

Use educational sticker books as a teaching aid for your children. After all, many people know that a child learns better while playing. Buy such a book in a store, read it to your child and explain why there is no picture in certain places. Invite your child to stick the stickers on their own, having previously shown how to do this in one of the examples. Explain to your child that the edges of the sticker should line up with the outline and not go beyond it.

Step 3

Car stickers that are used for advertising purposes or to distinguish a car from the crowd are applied as follows. Before applying the decal, degrease the surface to which it will be glued, carefully pry a corner of the transparent mounting film and gently peel it off the paper surface. Take the mounting tape to which the sticker is glued, gently transfer it to the adhesive surface, smooth each piece from the center to the edges separately and gently tear off the mounting tape.

Step 4

Applying decorative stickers on the walls, which will help to diversify, revive the annoying interior of a house, dacha or apartment, is not difficult in everyday life. You just need to separate the drawing from the mounting film, stick it on the wall and run it with a soft cloth so that the sticker lies flat on the surface, without the formation of folds and air gaps.